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Jamara Ugle-Hagan is supported by the first number


Jamara Ugle-Hagan says his voter Paddy McCarthy supported him.Credit:Photo by AFL

“It will affect my game here and there because they rush at me knowing who I am and what I do,” Ugle-Hagan said.

«[The pressure] it comes to you here and there, but when you’re in the field, you just forget about everything while you’re there ”.

On the eve of the round Sir Douglas Nichols Ugle-Hagan said he hopes to break into the senior Bulldogs group this weekend, acknowledging that he is not a patient person.

“Especially when the round of natives comes, I want to be there 100 percent, to run away with my comrades and brothers,” he said.

“It’s hard to be patient, but my time will come, and obviously I’m only 20, so I have a lot of legs left.”

Ugle-Hagan played 11 games for the Bulldogs and joined the team late last season after striker Bruce injured his knee. The key striker did not play in the final last year, but played the first six games of the season, scoring just four goals before being released.

Ugle-Hagan said he understands that his current role on the senior team should be a key striker. “[Aaron] Notan’s best partner, ”and he strives to improve his consistency in competitions.

“My nanny always tells me,‘ You’re 20 [best players]”… but also with patience, it is probably the hardest thing to accept that I am not there yet, but I will come,” added Ugle-Hagan.


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