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Jan Catcart Memorial Scholarship in 2022 received by Rebecca Grout of Myal Park | District News


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A scholarship in memory of Jan Cathcart in 2022 was awarded to Myall Park resident Rebecca Grout, a CSU student majoring in climate. The scholarship, presented by Sunrice Group in honor of long-term SunRice employee Jan Cathcart, provides up to $ 30,000 to support women who have demonstrated a passion for the rice industry and “contribute to shaping a positive future for our industry.” The scholarship involves paying $ 10,000 for each year of high school. Ms. Grout will be able to use this money if she obtains a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Charles Sturt University. Sunrice Group Chair Lori Arthur presented Ms. Grout with a scholarship at a gala dinner and said Ms. Grout’s commitment to the environment brought her a prize. “Rebecca understands the importance of positive outcomes for the environment by demonstrating a commitment to a sector that is commensurate with the Jan Cathcart Scholarship,” he said. “She enjoys the rice industry and focuses on sustainability, where agriculture and the environment not only coexist but also thrive together. Ms. Grout said her experience in rice has given her the passion to apply for a scholarship.” Every farmer I I know. admires the environment and wants to better leave his farm for the next generation. I share the same values ​​and want to make a positive difference in my part of the world, “she said. READ MORE” My experience with rice harvesting has given me an appreciation of the dedication and work ethic that goes into every rice grain. It inspired me to look at the different ways agriculture and the environment work together that works so well in the rice industry. ”“ I am grateful for the opportunity to gain experience and use the tools and training I receive at university to further industry. ”Scholarship Scholarship She is Cathcart’s eighth year since 2015. Ms. Grot is the tenth recipient of the scholarship after the first years of awarding two scholarships each.The remaining nine: Our journalists work hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community.Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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