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Jason Kubler, once described as Rafael Nadal’s right-handed man, carries the Australian flag in Paris


Kubler and Nadal were the only two players to complete the Davis Junior Cup undefeated in both singles and doubles, and Kubler led Australia to victory in 2009.

And Kubler also boasts a strong forehand.

But numerous injuries and failures severely worsened his progress.

In particular, Kubler underwent several knee surgeries because a hereditary disease weakened his meniscus.

“I wish I could go back and talk to myself when I was 16,” Kubler said.

Australian Jason Kubler.Credit:Getty Images

“I think – as I can say – I would like to know what I know now because I was probably too tense with the situations. I probably didn’t know how to express myself to people.

“I had a lot of people helping me, but at that age I wasn’t mature enough to get help from them or ask for the help I needed.

“Now, 13 years later, I’m old enough – if I need help, I can ask. I don’t feel awkward or too embarrassed about it. This is probably the only thing true.

“Looking back, I think my game was pretty good when I was young. It was more of a mental side, and then I probably didn’t address people with what I needed. ”

This year will be both memorable and beneficial for his bank balance sheet. In Janura Kubler and countrywoman Jamie Furlis took second place in the mixed doubles Australian Open.

He is now guaranteed at least $ 93,000 in Paris.

“It will be good, because now I really can not make big changes, but I help myself a lot with travel, with coaches, making it easier for myself on the road,” said Kubler.

“Even if I want to go home now [to the Gold Coast]not too worried about costs and [instead] I do my best for what I need. “

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