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Jesse of WA avoids dropping out when another newbie gets boots


Big Brother West Aussie member Jesse managed to avoid his first call-up to relegation after defeating his novice housemates.

Jesse, a member of the J Squad Alpha Alliance Alliance, faced Lulu and Laura in a grueling second-chance challenge.

Three housewives fought in the battle arena to escape liquidation.

Lulu and Laura teamed up to impose obstacles on Jesse’s cage to prevent him from getting the rings to win the challenge.

“He has no hope of this, they have made a number on this issue,” – can be heard, as a member of the royal family of Big Brother Tim.

Camera iconOlder brother.

Credit: Nigel Wright

Both Lulu and Laura were able to quickly get through their pile and took out their rings to “throw the ring” to ensure their safety.

But the Western Australian has dug deep to get his rings to compete in this challenge. He was finally able to get his rings and immediately set to work on the victory.

It was up to Laura and Jesse who had two of the three rings. The 23-year-old approached the landing of his last ring, and as soon as he did so, he fell to the ground from exhaustion.

“I had an incredible flaw, but I needed to prove it to myself, and I needed to prove it at home. . . feels great, Big Brother, ”he said in his diary after the call.

Older brother.
Camera iconOlder brother.

Credit: Nigel Wright

After failing to win the challenge, Lulu and Lori had to fight to secure a place in the house.

In the end, the house voted to evict Laura and save Lulu.

Big Brother continues Monday at 7:30 p.m.


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