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Joe Solonitri told The Area News about Sushi Mango’s latest live show “Off the Boat” District News


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“We just hope it’s a fun evening when everyone can forget the last two years and laugh together.” Joe Scalatrini, one-third of Sushi Mango’s esteemed comedy trio, is excited to be touring again as the “Off the Boat” tour has repeatedly been extended due to high demand. The tour started with just twelve performances and due to high demand has now reached about 31 shows across the country and the second phase will start in August. In an interview with The Area News, Mr. Scalatrini explained that he considered the show the “next episode” of their favorite characters. “When I say different show, it’s the same style, but it was just a new episode. It’s the same characters, the same type of sketches, but it’s all new stuff,” he explained. “All the characters are absolutely the same, but in completely new situations. For example, last year ethnic dads went through the airport, this year they are in the courtroom. ” The range of Sushi Manga characters has been widely appreciated for their closeness and universal appeal, which has especially increased recently. “We are often told that ‘this is not a show, but a documentary.’ People really relate to it, they just resonate with the characters or know someone like that. ” It is no secret that the last two years have been difficult for everyone, from the coronavirus pandemic to natural disasters and, more recently, the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. Mr. Scalatrini stressed that their goal was to help people forget about the struggle for a few hours and enjoy a return to normal life. “In the end, I think the reason this tour was so successful was that people wanted to go out and laugh again, feel normal again … We sold out two Rod Laver arenas, the atmosphere and the buzz was just electric yet before we left ”. he said. IN OTHER NEWS Mr Scalatrini said it is a balance between relevant but easy. “Comedy is a difficult thing, it’s a fine line. I think it could be a joke, but I think time is important in this way,” he said. The trio have certainly had their hands full, and a return to touring will take place along with a number of other projects they are working on, including next year’s international tour and writing a screenplay for the film. Mr Scalatrini said he needed to return to “match-fitness” to keep up with the show’s continuous nature. “Our show lasts two hours and ten minutes, including the interval, and it’s continuous. We’re on stage all the time, so when I leave the stage, I’ll just change clothes to be right back,” Mr Scalatrini said. He added that the pandemic gave the band a new perspective that they approached each show as if it was the last thing they did. “Nothing more is promised, you don’t know what’s around the corner. This whole thing has given us a new perspective to give her everything you have … You just have to make sure you bring the best every night.” The “Off the Boat” tour takes place at the Griffith Regional Theater on April 14, 15 and 16. Tickets are available on the Griffith Regional Theater website. Our journalists make every effort to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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