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Jordan Tavit’s “Explosion of the Mind” to the grand finale on The Voice


The only way Jordan Tavita can describe his experience at The Voice Australia is with smilies that explode the mind.

The 23-year-old guy, who is part of Guy Sebastian’s team, is one of four remaining participants of the hit Seven, hoping to enter the competition on Sunday night.

“If it was a smiley face, it would be a blast of the mind,” Tavita AAA said.

“Only four people have such an opportunity. I am grateful to be a representative of our Pacific community. ”

But his trip there was heartbreaking.

A few days before his semifinal performance, Tavita’s grandmother died.

Camera iconJordan Tavita performs I Wanna Know What Love Is Foreigner. Credit: Channel 7

“It was probably my hardest week,” he said. “Just because I lost my nanny this week. It was very difficult for my family and me because we were separated because of COVID.

“The day of my semi-final performance was a day when my family gave her peace of mind and the fact that I wasn’t there is very painful. . . but I sang it for her. I could just see her screaming aside. ”

Until recently, only the “four walls of my church” heard Tavit’s voice, but he said he knew his family and his nanny would be so proud of how far he had gone.

Despite the fact that throughout the competition Tavit and the participants were away from the family, “found a family in each other.”

“They’re all real, each has a different, unique way of depicting the story when they sing, and for example, even confronting each of them, oh, I’m not worth it,” he said.

“Having the opportunity to be among other people who want the same dream as you is inspiring.”

The Voice Australia Grand Final will take place on Sunday on Channels 7 and 7plus.


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