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A little over a year ago Joe Goodall made it on a flight to Newcastle to watch Tim Jiu’s fight in his manager’s underwear, jeans and shirt.

Goodall, who had just won in Toowoomba, did not bring any change of clothes to go out to the celebration.

Instead, when his manager Steve Scanlan offered to hop on a plane to go see Jiu’s fight, Goodall jumped at it without thinking.

Watch the battle of heavyweights Justice Honey against Joseph Goodall for the WBO Oriental Championship and the IBF Pan-Pacific. Wednesday, June 15, from 19:00 AEST LIVE with the main event at Kayo Sports & Foxtel. BOOK NOW>

Heavyweight boxer Joseph Goodall smiles before a fight against Justice Honey. Photo: Matthew PoonSource: News Corp Australia

Fifteen months later and spare pants were changed to fitted suits.

This is all part of the transformation that Goodall underwent after meeting Scanlan, who was so fascinated by the story of the Australian heavyweight after meeting him through Jeff Horn that he decided to financially support his career.

“First of all, I never looked at it as a dollar return,” Scanlan said.

I looked at a guy who was having a pretty hard life, he was being thrown a few crooked balls, but if I said, “Joe, run this wall,” he would do it, and he would do it for everyone he knows and loves and cares.

“Joe quickly became part of the family. He jokes that his last name is Scanlan, and that may be because he thinks he’s a rich kid who lives off his dad.

“But in the end, I just wanted to see Joe’s best version and I wanted him to believe in himself and see what he could achieve because he’s not only an incredible guy, he’s a damn good boxer and he got the heart of a lion.

“No matter how hard Paul Galen is, Joe Goodall is 10 times stronger.”

Goodall’s story is hardly told.

But the 29-year-old, who as a teenager aspired to play in the AFL, has been involved in couch surfing since he was 16 years old.

“He went to AIS and this implanted structure in his life, but Joe is the type of guy who is happy to fly the economy and can fall asleep,” Scanlan said.

“He could fall asleep here, in the cold, in the middle of the Queen Street mall.

“He is not a person with high needs. He is very light and relaxed. He’s just a special person. “

Joe Goodall manager Steve Scanlan says his boxer could set an example for children. Photo: Getty ImagesSource: News Corp Australia

Like his Brisbane rival on Wednesday night, Justice Honey, Goodall made a phenomenal amateur career.

He won bronze at the World Championships – Australia’s first medal in 26 years – before winning silver at the Commonwealth Games. Except, unlike Honey, Goodall lived from dollar to dollar and struggled to make ends meet.

However, as Jeff Fenek said, “They (Honey and Goodall) did what no one has ever done, so on such a scale and on such a scale (their heavyweight collision) it is massive. It’s crazy. “

But in a fight that is incredibly hard to call if Eddie Hearn believes Goodall can cause upset, the will of every boxer will be required.


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For Kevin Barry, who coached Goodall for the past year after Scanlan took the boxer on board and sent him to Las Vegas to train under the 1984 Olympic silver medalist, this is an advantage in favor of his boxer.

“He knows that if he does the right thing and steals Honey’s heart, his whole life will change in one battle,” Barry said.

“It changes Joe’s life.

“He is guarded.

“That’s what makes him a little different because he’s okay with himself. But this is his chance to get out of the darkness. “

Joe Goodall has a chance to get out of the “darkness” if he can bring down Justice Honey. Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Goodall also knows Wednesday’s high stakes at the Nissan Arena.

As a result of the victory, he will get into the top 15 of three of the four sanctioned bodies in the world, which will complement his aspirations for the title of world champion.

“It’s a bit of a“ fight or die ”fight, it’s a great opportunity, so let’s go,” he said at his weigh-in where he struck the boxing world, including Hearn.

“I think there’s something else for me.”

Watch the battle of heavyweights Justice Honey against Joseph Goodall for the WBO Oriental Championship and the IBF Pan-Pacific. Wednesday, June 15, from 19:00 AEST LIVE with the main event at Kayo Sports & Foxtel. BOOK NOW>

Huni v. Goodall: full press conference 11:04

Scanlan, who is considered Goodall’s closest “family”, believes that the heavyweight is about to break out on the world map, and said he would become an “asset” for Australia.

“You’ve never met a better heavyweight,” he said.

“He is attached to people and smiles, he has never been involved in street fights, he has no tattoos. He is not a rude and stern guy.

“He hates predictions, but I think he will win this fight.

“Australia will lag behind him and we have already prepared things that are moving forward, and if all goes according to plan, he will become an absolute asset for Australia and a really good role model for children to follow.”


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