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Joust launches an instant match partner console


Australia’s Leading Online Home Loan Market Joust.com.au, has launched a new Instant Match Partner Console as part of its mission to automate the customer engagement process for lenders and partner brokers.

Knightly competitions helps borrowers connect with the right lenders and brokers. The Instant Match service allows consumers to get an instant snapshot of the loans that best meet their needs, saving them a significant amount of time and energy. It works by getting key information from the client and instantly selecting the three best home loans – and lenders or brokers – that best fit their online profile.

The recently launched automated platform allows reliable Joust partners to subscribe to individual consumer profile choices. These profiles are then delivered daily directly to their partner’s console. The service is designed to save time and effort by allowing them to plan for stable business growth and scale.

Joust CEO Karl Hammerschmidt said the new automated model means partners can now shift search and engagement to autopilot as long as they focus on making deals.

“Partners who have found a consumer profile that works for their business, such as refinancing in a certain state, can now save valuable time and effort searching by subscribing to the service and repeating their success month after month,” he said.

“This new one-touch model will also include an automatic meeting setting feature for the convenience of immediate customer contact. It provides flexibility from start to finish and is adapted to the volumes and deadlines that best meet the needs of our partners.

“Joust will manage all client profile targeting and automate exhibition invoicing, freeing up time for brokers so they can focus on building a new business.”

The new Joust automated model is the company’s latest innovation since it introduced the new one supplier registration portal last month, designed for easy adaptation by brokers, and is part of the company’s ongoing strategy to innovate in the Australian home loan market.

Brokers who are trying to use the Joust Instant Match Partner Console for the first time will receive a 10 percent discount on their first order with the code AUTOMATION10. For more information, visit Joust.com.au.


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