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Justification for Johnny Depp’s bed bucket Amber Heard and honeymoon charges


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Amber Heard used her last moments before being questioned by Johnny Depp’s lawyers to state that her ex had abused her since the beginning of the relationship and that she thought she might be killed during the couple’s honeymoon.

“I didn’t even talk about sexual violence in my marriage … I didn’t want to talk about it ever,” Hurd said, avoiding further allegations of abuse.

The actress also defended her actions in striking her then-husband and cited her version of events about one of the strange discoveries that came out of the sensational lawsuit – the story of “a duck in bed.”

On an emotional day in court after a week-long break, Hurd returned to a witness stand in the U.S. state of Virginia, where jurors are considering defamation fights by ex-spouses.

Depp’s lawyers are expected to interrogate her on Tuesday morning (Australian time).

Depp, 58, is suing 36-year-old Hurd for $ 50 million ($ 73 million), saying she slandered him when she said she was a victim of domestic violence.

Hurd filed a counterclaim for $ 100 million, claiming that Depp disgraced her by calling her a liar.

Here’s the last one.

Hurd Honeymoon Horror

Hurd corrected her initial testimony, claiming that she now recalled that her relationship with her had been abused before.

“I’m ashamed to say that I would like to believe that the period of time I fell in love with Johnny that we fell in love with, and he was sober and he wasn’t violent with me, lasted longer than it was,” Hurd said. .

According to her, therapy notes have helped her identify abuse since 2012, not 2013.

One of the worst incidents she mentioned was a night during the couple’s honeymoon in 2015 aboard the Eastern Express.

Amber Heard leaves the court with a bruise on her face in 2016. Photo: AAP

In the sleeping car on the train, Hurd said, Depp hit her in the face and hit her body against the wall several times.

He then took off his shirt and wrapped it around his neck, she told the jury.

“So I woke up the next morning,” Hurd said.

“I woke up with what was still around my neck and a giant knot on the back of my head.”

She said she thought he might inadvertently kill her.

“He pressed my neck against the railroad car for a very long time,” she said.

Hurd said they had a love affair when Depp was sober, but he often became violent when drinking or using drugs.

In another case, Hurd described a “week of hell” in which Depp allegedly hit her and threw her into the furniture when she was offered a role with James Franco.

Hurd defends Depp’s blows

Pirates of the Caribbean Earlier, the star testified that he never beat Hurd, and claimed that she was an abuser in their relationship.

Among the evidence showing that Hurd was violent is a record of her telling Depp that she “beat” him, not “beat” him.

“I beat you. I didn’t beat you. Baby, you weren’t hit, ”Hurd says on the tape.

Depp, who claims Hurd punched him, replies, “Don’t tell me what it is like to be hit.”

“You’re fine,” says Hurd.

“I didn’t offend you. I didn’t beat you. I beat you. “

Referring to this record during the court hearing, Hurd admitted that he started a physical fight and said that Depp did the right thing by leaving the room.

She said the violence occurred when she was defending herself by hiding in a room and trying to prevent Depp from breaking through the door.

“I hit his hands, his body, when he tried to stop me from closing the door,” Hurd said.

“I knew what he would do to me if he moved to the other side.”

She claimed that Depp would “actively” hit her with his fist, and she would “reactively” hit him in defense.

Hurd told the court that her ex would inflict injuries on herself, including burning her face with a cigarette, shouting at her during their arguments.

This story contradicts Depp’s previous testimony that Hurd put out a cigarette on his face.

“In fights, he often cut his hands or held a knife to his chest or took blood superficially,” Hurd said.

The dog was accused of feces on the bed

Other charges against Hurd include the alarming allegation that she defecated on the side of Depp’s matrimonial bed after a fight on the night of her 30th birthday.

While the guard testified that the actress confessed to the “prank”, Hurd blamed her pet dog Boo.

Photos of the “duck” in question have spread on the Internet (save this search after breakfast) – Internet users say that such a small dog as a Yorkshire Terrier may not be able to produce a mound of this size.

Hurd claimed that their pet had lifelong “bowel control problems” after eating a bag of Depp marijuana.

“First, I don’t think it’s funny,” she said.

“I wasn’t in a joking mood either … my life was falling apart.

“Just on my 30th birthday I was attacked by my tough husband, with whom I was desperately in love and knew I needed to leave… it wasn’t a very fun time and I don’t think it’s funny… it’s disgusting.”

One of the pets is Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Behind the headlines

The lawsuit is based on Hurd’s December 2018 article that appeared in Washington Post.

Depp’s name was never mentioned in the article, but his lawyer told the jury that it was clear that Hurd was referring to him.

The couple’s divorce was completed in 2017.

Depp, who was once one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, said Hurd’s accusations cost him “everything”

New Pirates the film was postponed and Depp was replaced Fantastic beasts a movie franchise, a spin-off about Harry Potter.

Hurd’s attorneys argued that she was telling the truth and that her opinion was protected by freedom of speech under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

On Monday, Hurd told the court, “I only have integrity.”

“I did not want it to reach the prosecutor’s office. I didn’t want it to hurt Johnny. “I don’t want it to hurt Johnny,” she said.

She added that Depp had publicly called her a liar and “forced” her to prove she was not lying.

Less than two years ago, Depp lost a libel case The suna British tabloid that called him a “wife beater”.

A London High Court judge has ruled that he has repeatedly attacked Hurd.

Closing remarks are scheduled for May 27.

– with AAP


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