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Kalhanoglu insists that Inter are stronger than Milan


Kalhanoglu watched as Inter won the Serie A title in the 2020-2021 season, when he played for Milan’s tough opponent.

The Turkish national team moved to the city, joining “Inter” for the next campaign, which ended with the victory of Milan in the “Scudetto” and stopped 1976-day waiting for the trophy.

It was also the first time Inter and Mlan had finished in the top two in Serie A in a row, but Kalhanoglu says Simone Inzaghi’s team is much stronger than its neighbor.

Inter is a much stronger team than AC Milan. We lost the derby, which suddenly changed in the 75th minute after [Ivan] Peryshych and I were replaced, ”the midfielder said Tivibu Spor. “We led with a score of 1: 0, then lost with a score of 2: 1. Coach [Inzaghi] I also told him. In the cup, however, we beat them 3-0. The team is very ambitious. ”

Ibrahimovic could be seen smoking a cigar at the Milan title celebrations, where he picked up a microphone and told fans, “Hey, send a message to Hakan.”

Kalkhanaglu insists he would not have behaved like Ibrahimovic, questioning his actions at 40 years old.

“He is a 40-year-old man, at that age I would not have done anything like that. He is not 18. He likes to be the center of attention, ”he said. “This year he didn’t contribute to the Scudetto, he hardly played. But he does his best to get the attention of the fans.

“I don’t care. This is wrong because he always calls me when I’m in Milan, wants to have lunch and ride with me on a motorcycle.

“I respected him. He also wrote about me in his book, he had to write these things, otherwise his book would have gone down. I won’t answer him, it’s better not to answer.”


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