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Kane hopes Conte will stay at Tottenham


The Spurs followed last week Victory in the North London derby over the rival of the four strongest “Arsenal”. with a 1-0 win over Burnley on Monday (AEST), extending the unbeaten streak in the Premier League to five games as Conte tries to bring the team into Champions League qualifying.

Kane’s penalty in the first half was enough to solidify Tottenham’s decisive victory over the Clarets, with the England captain scoring 20 goals and eight assists in all competitions this season.

The 28-year-old footballer has definitely benefited from Spurs ’upgrade after Conte took the helm in November following the dismissal of Nuno Espirito Santo. With just five wins and nine goals in 10 Premier League games under the former wolves, Tottenham have won 16 of Conte’s 27 league games, scoring 55 goals.

However, rumors have suggested that at the end of the campaign in Conte may be tempted to move elsewhere, and Paris Saint-Germain is being touted as a possible destination if the former Chelsea boss decides to leave.

Kane, however, told Standard Sport that he enjoys working with Conte and hopes he will stay in North London.

Asked if he thinks Conte will still be in the Spurs dugout next season, Kane replied: “I have no idea, to be honest, it’s his decision.

“But he worked very hard while he was here, he’s a great guy, a really passionate person, so whatever his decision you have to respect him. Of course I like it and I know the guys like working with him.

“I said I am a big fan of him and we are getting along very well, so of course it would be great for the club if he stays.

“But like I said, it’s his decision, he’s a man himself and I’m sure he’ll talk to the club and decide his future. From our point of view, we all like working with him.”

Kane’s fascination with Conte’s work will be music for Tottenham fans after their star striker failed to move to Manchester City just under a year ago.

Meanwhile, Kane says he is pleased with the progress shown by the Spurs since Conte’s appointment, stressing their need to be more consistent after difficult periods under previous bosses Nunu and Jose Mourinho.

“There is still a lot of work to be done,” he added. “I think the improvement has definitely come since the gopher came to where we are now.

“It shows that it can be done in a short amount of time, but obviously we’ll see what happens in the summer and look forward to next season with a great manager. Hopefully we’ve learned a lot since he’s been here.”

“We had good moments with Jose, we were in the league championship for the first few months [2020-21] In the season we had periods where we were very good, but it’s about doing it constantly throughout the season in all competitions, not just in the Premier League.

“That’s where we need to get better and learn [Conte]and probably the last few months have been a big improvement. ”


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