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Katy Perry appears to be having eye problems on stage due to a viral video


Katy Perry’s fans are in a panic after the singer “got her eye stuck” during a recent performance.

In footage of Perry greeting fans on stage, Fireworks The singer can be seen struggling to keep her right eye open, pressing her hand to her temple twice as her eyelashes flutter erratically.

Wearing a sparkly dress embellished with shards of beer cans, the 38-year-old kept a military look, looking completely unfazed by her lewd eye, despite the fact that it was constantly closed, seemingly against her will.

After she managed to hold eye contact with the crowd for a few seconds without closing her eyes, Perry roared into the microphone, “Make more noise for my band!”

As the show continued, fans were left searching for answers to what happened in those short few seconds.

“WHITE’S PALSY???” one person commented, referring to facial paralysis.

“Maybe her eyelashes are stuck together?” another suggested and one added that it could be due to stress.

“Stress does that to your eyes, it really does. I hope she will have a good rest,” they commented.

Another wrote: “She looks obsessed!”

However, taking to Reddit, die-hard KatyCats (as Katy Perry’s fans are called) claim it’s all part of her act.

“Okay, so this is some weird gag she does on her show to resemble those old dolls that would open and close their eyes when tilted,” explained a fan on Reddit.

“I was a bit worried it was a stroke or surgery. But no, she does it on purpose.”

Another observed: “Yeah, she does that quite a lot during the show. Not every night, but she did it at least once every 8 shows.”


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