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Katy Perry sets record for viral eye glitch video


Katy Perry has finally responded to the viral videos that have led some fans to think she’s some kind of robotic malfunction or suffering from strange medical problems.

Footage from one of her Las Vegas shows that went viral earlier this week shows that Perry, 38, struggled to keep her right eye open while on stage.

It looked as if her eye was closing uncontrollably, leading some people to believe she was suffering from a condition such as Bell’s palsy.

Others donned tin foil hats and suggested she wasn’t actually human, but rather a robot.

Some speculated that Perry, an outspoken advocate of COVID vaccines, was suffering from a side effect of the shot.

There were more likely responses to strange eye movements on stage – like perhaps eyelash glue sticking to the skin.

However, according to the pop star, it’s all part of the act.

Performance of Katy Perry in “doll’s eye”.

Perry set the record straight on Instagram on Friday (Australian time), days after the video surfaced, explaining that the thing with the eyes was just a trick that conspiracy theorists will be able to see next year in Las Vegas.

Taking to Instagram, she welcomed “all my flat earthers, space fakers, non-genuine, sky-blue fans to come see my broken doll eyes party trick in real life.”

“The show’s set list is a fun roller coaster ride down memory lane, going all the way back to 2008, a time when we weren’t all frozen in the paranoia of our own echo chambers!” she said on Instagram.

“This show is a non-stop party about finding unconditional love, and surprisingly (to me), it’s not political at all. Hell, I’m pouring beer out of my tits (it’s a party too… I’m not actually a lactate hop stupid goose!)”

Perry has been living in Vegas since last December and will return early next year for more concerts.

Some people in the comments on Perry’s post are still unconvinced that this is all just a stunt and repeated anti-vax rhetoric.

Others, however, were interested.

“I will be attending,” wrote designer Molly Howard.

“This is a genius. Maybe people will stop texting me asking what’s up with your eyes,” another fan wrote.

“HOW DO I DO THAT!?!? I want to learn so much!” added a third.


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