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Kisaya Picket, Jed Anderson, Marlion Picket, Sydney Stack: who enters and leaves the eighth round of the AFL


Many of the talents of the first nations have knocked on the door for re-selection when the AFL enters the middle of the season and the clubs are settling into their seats in order.

Dee’s excitement machine, the Lions who hope and desperately need Ru, are among those returning to the senior sides in the eighth round.

Kisaya Picket of Demons celebrates a goal during the first qualifying final of the AFL 2021. Photo: James Elsby / AFL via Getty Images

With a 7-zero start and sitting on top of the ladder, defending the Prime Minister, Melbourne welcomes the star of the third year Kisaya Picket.

The picket was among several teammates forced to serve the seventh round due to COVID-19 security protocols.

The little forward made it a habit to lift the side with a single effort and strike much higher than his weight in the folded front line.

His inclusion will bring a spark to their first competition against the current top eight faced by the St Kilda team, which has plenty of evidence after last week’s flop against Port Adelaide at Cairns.

North Melbourne, which is struggling, gave the signal Jed Anderson to gain some experience aside when he returns to his first game in 2022.

Anderson can provide a class that is very unacceptably missed by their weak midfield.

The 28-year-old has grown into a solid player on Arder Street since moving from the Hawks in 2016 and will strive to make the most of his chances after returning through the reserve.

After a tumultuous start in 2022, Carlton was brought back to earth with a couple of humiliating losses.

Return from Zach WilliamsPenetrating boots and jumping out of the back line can add the sugar they need to regain some shape.

Williams sat through the seventh round with Achilles problems.

Brisbane Cockatoo Nakia hopes to benefit from the recent form in twos.

Marlion Pickett of Richmond was hoping to return against Collingwood on Saturday.
Photo: Facebook Richmond Tigers

The goal’s approval strengthened his arguments for re-selection on three VFL majors last weekend.

The Lions team is due to be announced Friday night.

After whispers about the return of Adelaide Wayne Miller has the right to feel solid after missing a call to a senior.

The silky flank back scored 23 touches in a solid SANFL ledge last weekend.

After the permutation looked probably at Tigerland, Marlion Picket did not do enough to slide back to the side.

The picket was called emergency because of Richmond’s clash with Collingwood.

Teammate Sydney Stack has been halted after managed in just five touches in recent weeks to win over the West Coast.

The eighth round begins with a double headshot on Friday night.

Port Adelaide hosts bulldogs in Adelaide Aval, and North Melbourne heads west to encounter flying dockers.


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