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Kitty Flanagan reprises her role as the probate attorney in Fisk.


She may not have had Saul Goodman’s smooth quick-talker or Perry Mason’s crime-fighting courtroom presence, but Helen Tudor-Fisk is quickly joining the pantheon of beloved TV lawyers.

Australian comedian and writer Kitty Flanagan will reprise her role as the baggy suburban lawyer in a brown suit next week when the award-winning ABC sitcom, fisk, returns for a second season.

The whimsical comedy focuses on the changing fortunes of Fisk, a high-profile barrister who has fallen out of favor in Sydney and finds himself in the low-rent Wills and Probate practice of Gruber & Gruber in suburban Melbourne.

Not only did the low-key sitcom take Australian audiences by storm when it hit screens last year, it beat off a host of big-name rivals to claim best comedy at the 2022 Series Mania Awards in France.

Flanagan said success Fisk highlighted how much the Australian public likes to see their places and stories on television.

“However, there is a lot of pressure to create content that is strong enough to compete with all the other things that are out there,” she said.

“While Australian audiences will always give you a chance to see an Australian-made show, they won’t stick around if you’re serving rubbish.”

A returning cast

Joining Flanagan in the Gruber & Gruber office are fellow comics Julia Zemira, Marty Shergold and Aaron Chen, as well as the return of some favorite “guests” in the form of Glenn Robbins, Stephen Curry, Denise Scott and Marg Downey.

Flanagan said New daily for her and her writing partner Penny Flanagan – her sister – it was important to get the key back.

“When Penny and I were writing, we knew we had to bring certain people back,” she said.

“People like Glenn Robbins and Marg Downey are so easy to write, they have such incredible comedic instincts, and they always manage to deliver lines even better than you hear them in your head.

“Denise Scott had a small role as a book club member in season one, but it was so funny that we had to write her a bigger role in season two,” Flanagan said.

She said Bessie Holland and Alex Papps were also ensemble cast members who couldn’t be missed this season.

“Stephen Curry did an impeccable version of the annoying actor/theatre lover…. And I loved having Broden Kelly with Aunt Donna join us… because I really love this combination of pure silliness delivered absolutely straight, and that’s what he does brilliantly.”

Stephen Curry joins a host of returning characters. Photo: ABC

National property

Zemira, who plays persistent partner Roz Gruber, said the series was written by two women, but it was universal.

“We had such amazing feedback on the first season. I was in a pub surrounded by middle-aged men who were quoting me back,” she said.

The adaptable Flanagan, who picked up her first Logies win in June for Most Popular Actress, is increasingly being called a “national treasure”, a label she hopes to live up to.

“I hope it means my comedy will appeal to a wider range of Australians,” Flanagan said.

“What I love most is when people tell me they’re being watched by teenagers or elementary school kids Fisk. This is my dream, to entertain people of all ages and demographics,” she said.

“Z fisk, we decided to make a show you could watch without sending your kids to bed. … No one is exposing themselves, having sex, or hitting anyone’s head.”

The second season Fisk Premiering nationally on ABC TV and ABC iView on October 26 at 9pm.


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