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Koala folding sofa bed: perfect for all the surprises in life


According to the new Koala company, When life unfoldsapparently very little that a good sofa bed can’t help you.

The campaign includes a series of short videos showcasing all the little unexpected things for which you may need an extra bed. Do you have an annoying relative with whom you don’t want to share a bed? You had a great evening and you don’t want to go upstairs? Kaala has what you need. To turn into a bed, their pull-out sofas require a little more than a push. It’s too practical no have, right?

Bradley Firth, vice president of global brand strategy and creative at Koala, says, “The sofa bed usually unfolds forever, and sleeping on it is awful.”

“Combining our smart Koala creative team with Armand and Clockwork,” he continued, “we were able to have a lot of fun exploring challenging situations where the Koala sofa range offers the perfect antidote.”

Ads not only showcase smart and user-friendly design. It will also remind you of all the times when you need to use it. This is a great example of how to remind a customer of a problem and then offer him a solution, and all with a touch of brazen ingenuity.

“Koala is proud to boast a № 1 sofa bed in the country, and it’s no wonder why,” said Mark Khademi, Koala’s vice president of marketing. “The clever design looks incredible, decomposes in seconds and has all the trademarks of comfort that customers know and love Koala.”

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