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Kylie Moore-Gilbert predicts revolution as her former prison burns down


Kylie Moore-Gilbert watched as the prison where she spent 804 days on trumped-up espionage charges became the burning epicenter of civil unrest in Iran on Sunday, overwhelmed by concern for her former prisoners and a growing sense that Iran is at the very beginning of a difficult suffering revolution.

Evin prison holds many political prisoners and prisoners with dual citizenship and is notorious for human rights abuses. On Saturday local time, a massive fire broke out in the prison, witnesses and local media reported gunshots and explosions inside its walls.

Kylie Moore-Gilbert fears for her friends trapped in Evin prison, which was set on fire during a civil uprising in Iran.credit: Scott McNaughton

“It looks absolutely horrible,” said Moore-Gilbert, who was released from Evin in November 2020.

“You have huge plumes of smoke and guards firing rockets into the prison, presumably to try to prevent a mass escape or stop a riot. The idea of ​​being locked in a ward and smelling fire and smoke, hearing noises around you and not knowing what’s going on, or not being able to escape, get out or defend yourself, must be terrifying.’

Iran’s state news agency IRNA reported clashes between inmates in the same ward and prison staff, citing a senior security official. The official said inmates set fire to a warehouse full of prison uniforms, causing the fire. According to him, the “combatants” were separated from the rest of the prisoners in order to de-escalate the conflict.

The official said the “situation is fully under control” and firefighters are putting out the flames. Tehran prosecutor Ali Salehi later said “peace” had returned to the prison and that the riots were not related to the protests that have gripped the country for four weeks.

Video footage showing a fire in Evin prison in Tehran has appeared on the Internet.

Video footage showing a fire in Evin prison in Tehran has appeared on the Internet.credit:1500 tasvirs

In videos posted online, gunshots can be seen as plumes of smoke rise into the sky amid alarms. Soon, a protest action started on the street, people were burning tires and chanting. Motorists honked their horns in solidarity with the protesters. Ambulances and firefighters rushed to the prison. The internet was blocked in the area.

The prison fire occurred on Saturday as protesters intensified anti-government demonstrations on main streets and outside universities in several Iranian cities. Human rights activists reported hundreds of dead, including children, as the movement entered its fourth week.


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