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Labor is outperforming liberals on the advertising boom on social media


A key finding of Labor’s internal election in 2019 was that the party was ahead of the coalition online, despite a 160 per cent increase in the digital advertising budget compared to the 2016 campaign. The report noted the lack of digital literacy in the party’s top ranks and identified “an urgent need to dramatically improve digital campaigning opportunities.”

In the last two days alone, both camps have launched about 20 negative ads on two platforms. Labor seeks to kill issues of responsibility and trust by promoting Morrison’s videos or photos with the words “this is not my job”, “I’m not holding a hose” and “this is not a race”.

Liberal advertising is primarily focused on running the Labor economy, and Tsebar advertising, which is often aired on television, is also adapted for the Internet. It has a bucket with a hole and money pouring out along with the jingle: “There’s a hole in your budget, expensive work.”

Marketing strategist Toby Ralph, who worked on John Howard’s election campaigns, said voters can expect that last-minute they will be inundated with horror at the last minute.

“As soon as the TV and radio press is over, you will see social networks grow, and you will see all kinds of fears emerge at the last minute,” he said.

“As the campaign progresses, you become more negative because you want to prove that the other side is incapable of running the country.”


Ralph believes that Labor is winning the advertising war, highlighting advertising “it’s not my job” as the most effective campaign.

“Their advertising is better and more targeted. Liberals are right to focus on the economy, but their only hope, frankly, is to really scare people that Labor is going to ruin everything, ”he said.

“I think the answer to ‘Under Albanese is not easy’: it was not easy for you either. That’s the problem. “


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