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Labour’s Bill Shorten has a positive result on Covid-19


Labor spokesman Bill Shorten was knocked off the trail of the election campaign when a critical period of questioning begins.

Labor leader and former leader Bill Shorten gave a positive result at Covid-19.

Mr Shorten, a spokesman for the NDIS party and government services, made an announcement on Twitter on Saturday morning.

“Time is never right for anyone, so the week will be in iso, and then the last week of the campaign will be free,” he said.

“A good reminder to take care of yourself and each other, get away where you can, open the windows and deal with the usual RATS.”

Mr Shorten’s diagnosis is a blow to Labor as the election campaign enters a critical last two weeks and re-examination begins on Monday.

Opinion polls show that Labor with a narrow national advantage prefers a coalition to a coalition, but many voters have not yet decided whether the outcome of the election could go either way.

Before being diagnosed, Mr. Shorten visited marginal places across the country to promote Labor’s six-point plan to improve NDIS and promise to hold a Royal Commission on the Robodebt government scandal.

He defended himself on Friday Failure of opposition leader Anthony Albanese to recite six points of Labor’s NDIS plan at the beginning of the week.

“The last person who was never wrong was on the cross 2,000 years ago,” Mr Shorten told ABC.

“Anthony has done a great job of bringing us to a competitive position and I know that when it comes to NDIS, Mr Morrison can do all the cheap shops he likes, in fact there is only one major party with any policy in NDIS, and it’s Labor. “

Mr Shorten is not the first Labor MP to be expelled from the election process with Kovid. Mr. Albanese has recently recovered and Interior Ministry spokeswoman Christina Kenilly also picked up the virus earlier in the campaign.

Originally published as Labor leader and former party leader Bill Shorten gives a positive result at Covid-19


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