Home World ‘Left-wing hypocrisy’: RocKwiz host Julia Zemira is ‘quite ironic’

‘Left-wing hypocrisy’: RocKwiz host Julia Zemira is ‘quite ironic’


Sky News presenter Rita Panahi says Julia Zemiro’s appointment as host of TV show ‘RocKwiz’ is a “perfect example of left-wing hypocrisy”, following news the show will be revived.

“As the Herald Sun tweeted yesterday, ‘Australian TV show RocKwiz has been rescued by another network which will revamp it with host Julia Zemira,'” Ms Panahi said.

“What network, you ask? Well, it’s none other than Foxtel, which of course is owned by News Corp. And as noted by some on social media, the appointment of Zemiro was quite ironic, given her activism against the organization.

“This is her tweet from last year: “I need hope and to hear a valid discussion around the media that has distorted the truth for YEARS. So I responded to join the official launch of @murdoch_rc – Australians for the Murdoch Royal Commission!’

“So last year she was trying to shut down Murdoch, this year she’s on Murdoch’s payroll. What a big, fat hypocrite.”


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