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Aside from straight-ahead speed, Formula One championship leader Charles Leclerc noted that the life of the tires is a big weakness of his Ferrari compared to titled rival Max Ferstappen.

In the last Formula 1 race in Miami, reigning champion Ferstappen was able to break away from Leclerc as soon as his tires approached optimum pressure, and did so more than once.

Leclerc led the start of the race from the pole position, however, gaining a slight advantage in the first handful of laps, Ferstappen began to hunt for him and soon flew.

Again, in the second leg on solid tires Leclerc started strongly, but after a few laps began to fall off further, towards the end of the Safety Car race.

When the safety car returned to the lane, Leclerc was able not only to hold on to Ferstappen’s tail, but also to chase him for the lead in the race for half a dozen laps until he retreated again.

Leclerc believes that this was not a specific track and that Ferrari has a deficit in this area before Red Bull Racing.

“Yes, I’m disappointed,” Leclerc said after the race. “We are very strong in terms of warm-up tires, so at the beginning of each run we are strong.

“But after four, five laps they [Red Bull] it seems to stabilize the tires in the best window, and there they are just faster than us, and it is very difficult for us to do anything.

“But it is true, and we need to work on it. It’s pretty clear what’s going on, and I hope we get better as soon as possible. “

After Leclerc dominated the “Down Under”, Red Bull introduced an upgrade to Imola, the British team was there under control and achieved two rebound victories in Miami.

Leclerc is confident that Red Bull is on top now and Ferrari must fight for control.

“It’s going to be a long championship,” Leclerc said. “They seem to have held the lead over the two weekends, especially at the pace of the race, and we need to regain the lead as soon as possible.”

Leclerc is still leading the drivers’ championship, but his advantage has dropped to 19 points in the last two competitions.

“Since the beginning of the season, we are only in one position, which means that we are being hunted,” said Leclerc, counting the gap in points.

“I really like this position, but it is also true that the gap is slowly narrowing. I do not mind, no matter what position I was in. I want to be the most competitive … “

Ferstappen said after the race in Miami that he likes to be a hunter, not a hunter.

“I like the situation I’m in at the moment, knowing that the car is fast, and late last year I was hunted and it wasn’t very good because I knew we weren’t that fast and it would be difficult, ”Ferstappen said.

“It also depends on how competitive you are.”

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