Home Technology Lender-finding company CashPal has seen 10-fold growth in two years

Lender-finding company CashPal has seen 10-fold growth in two years


Just as the last quarter of 2022 builds up, CashPal recorded a ground-breaking 10-fold growth from its 2020 position. Showing no signs of stopping, online search for personal loan lenders is on pace to surpass 2021 results by more than 40% by the end of this year.

In the ultra-competitive market of the personal loan industry, CashPal continues to disrupt and surprise the big companies. Processing thousands of personal loan applications every month has allowed CashPal to compete with large loan seekers and established lenders.

“CashPal’s performance is not slowing down at all, app growth continues month-on-month, and app quality is also improving,” commented a CashPal representative.

CashPal’s the key to success lies in its dominant online presence. A website’s traffic is largely driven by non-branded organic keywords, maximizing its online visibility. Over 95% of CashPal’s website traffic and new loan applications come from 1str visitors’ time, ensuring a steady flow of new users applying for loans. This has strengthened CashPal’s position in the market and is the engine for its further growth.

CashPal’s the future has great potential and plans for which direction it will take are being discussed. Among the many opportunities, mergers and capital investments potentially await the online lender seeker.


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