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Libyan prime minister’s rivalry causes clashes in Tripoli


Supporters of Libyan prime ministers’ rivals have clashed in the capital as the power struggle deepens, local media and witnesses say.

According to eyewitnesses, shots were heard early on Tuesday.

Residents wrote on Twitter that they heard heavy weapons and artillery.

Local media showed footage of shootings in residential areas of Tripoli.

Several cars were set on fire.

Clashes erupted after parliament-appointed Prime Minister Fathi Basha tried to take control of the government from a rival administration that refused to cede power.

Basha tried to enter the city and set up his offices.

Bascha tried to enter Tripoli, but soon left after resistance from local militias.

His office said he wanted to prevent bloodshed and protect citizens.

In February, a controversial move by parliament in eastern Libya elected former Interior Minister Baschagu as the new head of government, despite the post being held by Abdul-Hamid Dbeybe.

Dbeibe refused to resign, insisting he would hand over power only to an elected government.

The interim government of Dbibe took office in March 2021 after being elected as part of a United Nations-mediated process to lead Libya ahead of the December elections, which never took place.

The election is part of a United Nations-backed plan to end a decade of chaos in Libya that began after the overthrow of longtime leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

Libya has become a battleground, attracting foreign powers.

A nationwide ceasefire took effect in October 2020.

Fights have taken place from time to time since then.

“Basha seems to have greatly underestimated the likelihood of mobilization against his Tripoli-based groups,” said Libyan expert Emadeddin Buddy.


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