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Live updates of the 2022 election: Marie Payne met with the Solomon Islands Foreign Minister; the poll suggests a possible McKellar disorder; at least 28 deaths from Covid | Australian election 2022


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The public movement, which is trying to overthrow the deputy from Hume Angus Taylor, has been ordered to remove the election signs …

From AAP:

In New Wales, pharmacies join an intensified teen immunization plan for the nearly 80,000 students who missed vaccinations when schools were closed during the pandemic.

Authorities will offer vaccinations against human papilloma virus and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis to people over 12, as well as injections for meningococcal disease to people over 14.

It comes in both NSW and Victoria reported 21,035 new Covid-19 cases, out of 11,671 in the northern state.

The pressure on the vaccine in New Wales is one of health experts ’calls for Australians to get flu shots as hospitals prepare for the winter influx of flu and Covid patients.

Authorities predict a particularly bad flu season after two years of the virus suppressed by restrictions on international travel and social distancing measures to combat the Covid pandemic.

According to Joey Lynch and Shadi Khan Saif, the group of women finally returned to the field and enjoyed football after moving to Melbourne.

A story about two countries, rainy, for the next 8 days, with a record May in the northeast. Unfortunately, flood-affected areas in the north of NSW, in the southeast of Qld may once again be soaked. @BOM_au pic.twitter.com/RO2qvVXqJP

– Peter Hanem (@p_hannam) May 6, 2022

The coalition and Labor have so far pledged billions on local projects. But not all sides of the election fence are reaping the benefits, write Elias Visantay and Nick Evershed.

Marie Payne met with the Solomon Islands Foreign Minister

Daniel Hearst

Daniel Hearst

Last night, Marie Payne met in Brisbane with Solomon Foreign Minister Jeremiah Manele. The couple discussed rising tensions between the two countries.

Payne then issued the following statement:

Australia has been consistent and clear in expressing our respect for sovereign decision-making in the Solomon Islands, but we have again expressed our deep concern at the security agreement with China, including the lack of transparency. I reaffirmed this at my meeting today. We agreed that Australia remains Solomon Islands ’best partner in security.

I again welcomed Prime Minister Sogawar’s assurance that the Solomon Islands would not be used as a foreign military base.

Australia will always work constructively and respectfully with our Pacific family.

NSW records 19 deaths from Covid and 11,671 new cases

In the last 24 hours, NSW has recorded 19 deaths from Covid. 11,671 new cases were registered, 1,481 were hospitalized, 54 were in intensive care.

COVID-19 update – Saturday, May 7, 2022

In the 24-hour reporting period until 4 pm yesterday:

– 96.2% of people aged 16+ received a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine
– 94.8% of people aged 16+ received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine pic.twitter.com/mWbndxEkcy

– NSW Health (@NSWHealth) May 6, 2022

The VIC records nine deaths from Covid and 9,365 new cases

In the last 24 hours, Vicotria has recorded nine Covid-19-related deaths. 9365 new cases were recorded, 494 people are in hospitals, 35 of which are in intensive care.

Michelle Rowland is a Greenway Labor member in western Sydney – she has just been interviewed on ABC.

She was asked about strong Labor polls:

We want to ensure that every Australian has the best chance of success, so that in an environment where wage growth has been equal and the cost of living has skyrocketed, and here in Greenway, it’s very personal.

We have the second largest level of mortgage stress across the country, and people here live differently, in different ways, but they all want the same thing after all – a government that has a plan for the future and always focuses on their interests to make this place better.

She was also asked that Albanese did not remember the six-point NDIS plan the other day when asked “understood” by the press:

I know this will be carefully studied in terms of every detail of the campaign, but let me assure you that this is not the framework through which most Australians are certainly the ones here in the Greenway electorate looking at the world.

They see it in the context that things are getting harder, wanting to look to a better future and wanting to know that there are policies and plans to make that future better for them.

I think Anthony Albanese is making an offer to the people of Australia that says, “I understand your aspirations. I understand that no one should be left behind, and I understand that you want Australia to be better, ”and I think that if Labor can deliver this message in the next two weeks, the Australian people will take a very reasonable view if they cast their votes.

Stephanie Converse

Stephanie Converse

Rents are rising excessively, unjustified evictions just weeks after settling, fungal and mold infections, and many negative applications. Tenants shared their horrific stories of the housing crisis in Australia.

Minister of Trade, Tourism and Investment Dan Taehan has been to ABC before. He was asked about comments by former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in support of the growth of independents in this election.

I don’t think anyone thinks it would be in the nation’s interest in the future if we had a hung parliament that consisted of independence, Labor and the Greens. One of the things we want to do is offer the right choice in this election.

He was also asked about Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manas Sogawara’s allegations this week that opponents of his new security treaty with China are threatening the island nation’s sovereignty:

Our Foreign Minister was able to meet with Solomon Islands through the Minister, as I understand it, in Brisbane at night, and they had a very productive conversation, talking about how we respect Solomon Islands sovereignty, but how we are very concerned about their security arrangements with them. .

And about the Prime Minister’s rhetoric around the “red lines” in the Solomon Islands:

We want to make strong arguments as to why it is incredibly important that we do not see the militarization of the Pacific Islanders, and that we will do our utmost to support a peaceful and prosperous Pacific region, and that is our focus.

New poll suggests possible disorder in McKellar on Sydney’s northern beaches

Anne Davis

Anne Davis

A new poll conducted for the Climate 200 shows that independent Sophie Scamps has a real prospect of defeating McKellar to moderate liberal Jason Falinsky in another uproar on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Polls conducted by Ucomms last week after the launch of Scamps show that votes in Falinsky’s primary were 32% and Scamps 31.2%. With a predominance of streams from work and greens, Scamps, a local general practitioner, would be ahead of Falinski.

The poll found that Labor won 15.5% of the vote in McKellar, while the Greens voted 8.6%. It was found that 81% of preferences would go to Scamps.

Based on the preferences of the two sides, this will result in Scamps snatching up a spot, 60-40. McElar is located just north of Waringa, a place that independent Hall Stegal received in 2019 on the Platform for Climate Change and the Federal Voluntary Commission.

Scamps works on a similar platform and now has high acclaim: four out of five McClellar voters said they knew she was running.

The only good news for Falinski is that 7% of voters have not yet decided. But when they were pressed to show how they bowed, the voices that were undecided were fairly equal between Falinsky and Scamps.

A Ucomms poll of 834 McKellar residents was conducted using an automated voice poll last Wednesday on behalf of Scamps and Climate 200.

The survey in some places has its limitations due to the problem of obtaining a representative demographic mix. However, the poll shows that Scamps has gained ground since April, when the Climate 200 last interviewed McKellar, and that it’s a place to observe on May 21st.

Good morning everyone and welcome to Saturday. I. Kate Kelly and I will be with thee till morning.

Here are the great stories that will start us today:

Scott Morrison is going to announce a $ 20 million package today to support distilleries, breweries and distilleries so they can upgrade their infrastructure and attract more people through their doors.

The plan provides $ 15 million for distilleries, distilleries and breweries with grants of $ 100,000 to build or upgrade facilities on site, such as restaurants and sightseeing areas.

Another $ 5 million will go to tourism and local authorities to help attract more visitors to the sites.

This is due to the fact that the Prime Minister refused to indicate whether he will resign as Liberal leader Coalition lose the election as the Prime Minister repulsed the attacks of his predecessor, Malcolm Turnbull, who used his speech this week to play the role of independents and say that moderate votes are becoming increasingly marginalized in the party.

Meanwhile, the opposition leader Anthony Albanese will start the day in Sydney, where he will demonstrate Labor’s policy of reducing the cost of living through childcare and energy initiatives.

The opposition sought to return the company’s attention to the cost of living amid rising inflation, low wage growth and the first official increase in interest rates in more than a decade.

Meanwhile, tAustralian Tax Administration cracks down on a $ 850 million scam that is spreading on social media in which people invent fake businesses to demand a tax refund on goods and commodities.

Operation Protego is investigating potentially fraudulent payments made to approximately 40,000 Australians, each claiming an average of about $ 20,000.

With that – let’s go!


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