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Liverpool, various madness and the Premier League are unimaginable Football



With only two games left this season, Southampton are short on time to host their annual 9-0 showdown: a magnificent festival of fun that sits well next to Monty Python and the Five as one of the country’s best comedy traditions. ongoing in both forcing and classic British self-abasement. As it happens, if Liverpool are four points behind Manchester City (and, importantly, just seven goals behind) in one of the most exciting title races in recent years, a 9-0 defeat to Merseyside Reds would satisfy Jurgen. Bedbugs, and fans of the Story are very good. Indeed, it would mean that if on Sunday “Aston Villa” with $ tevi Mbe beats juggernaut Pep Guardiola, “Liverpool” will reach the title with a draw at home with the “Wolves”.

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Small fields – a lot of “if”, “but” and “can-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e ..” .-unfortunately “. And so far most of us are approaching this week with all the excitement of Robert Smith at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame award ceremony, there are some, especially with Sky Sports microphones in hand, who are driving themselves into a variety of madness. However, the chances of Liverpool scoring nine points and staying clean in Southampton have dropped significantly with news that Mo Salah and Virgil van Dijk will skip the trip south due to various petty tricks.

“They’re both fine,” Klopp sighed, his voice barely audible over the orchestra of tiny violins. “The goal for both would be for them to be able to be involved again over the weekend. Properly involved. On the bench and in a few minutes or start – we’ll see with that because that would be perfect for [Madrid] game. If not, we take it every day afterwards. This is very positive and we have no doubt [Big Cup] final, but we are quite realistic about the game Wolves. But [Southampton]no ”.

So the brave Reds will have to deal with Joel Matip, perhaps one of the best central defenders in the league this year, and 36 million pounds in defense with Ibrahim Conate with an attack that must somehow be created with Sadio Mane, Luis Diaz , Diogo Hotta and Roberto Firmino. If Liverpool manage to accomplish the unthinkable and if City “make Madrid” at home with Villa, there may even be proper celebrations. Or maybe everyone will sit gloomily behind the phones, sipping a can of full-bodied soda, waiting for the next morning video analysis meeting and next season’s chase for a century of points. Hooray!


“I want people to know the real me … I asked myself if I should wait until I retire to retire. No other player in a professional game comes out here. However, I knew that it would lead to lying for a long time and not being able to be myself or lead the life I want. I hope that by leaving, I can become a role model to help others come out if they want to. I’m only 17, but I’m clear that’s what I want to do, and if, when I come out, other people look at me and feel that maybe they can do it too, it would be brilliant, ”the striker said. Blackpool Jake Daniels his decision to end decades of silence in men’s football becoming the first player in the UK to express himself as gay with Justin Fashan in 1990.

Yes, Jake. Photo: Blackpool FC


“I sat down with Jamie Vardy and he drank coffee. It was such an awkward moment. ” have a word with his colleague from England forward on “matters concerning his wife.” No, it didn’t help.


There’s a roar and a big elephant in Newcastle’s room … this is David Squires.

That's right.
That’s right. Illustration: David Squires / The Guardian


“A moment of gratitude and congratulations to Jake Daniels. It’s not often that footballers do something that can really improve the lives of other people – probably people they’ll never meet – so he deserves all the praise that comes to him. Sorry – no jokes, but it’s The Fiver “- Jim Hirson (and others).

«Yesterday’s quote of the day accused James Milner of being the father of millennia about screen time, but James Milner (b. 1986) is the millennium. I don’t want to blame The Fiver for falling behind, but as one boomer to another … “- Chris Boyce.

“It finally happened. Arsenal are now officially North London’s fastest team. Now they are more Spurs than Spurs! If … “- Paul Southgate.

“I was a little worried when I saw a photo of Ji So Yoon from Chelsea with the FA Cup cap on his head (Do you still want yesterday?). After winning at our local tin can one of my mates covered my bald scalp, thinking it would be as humorous for post-match holiday photos as in countless FA Cup photos over the centuries. But all the figurines that adorn the top of the cups are usually screwed on top, which means the metal protrusion at the bottom stuck to my skin. I was the only one who was beaten up after the match, ”Andy Morrison said.

Send your letters to the.boss@theguardian.com. And you can always tweet The Fiver through @guardian_sport. Today’s winner of our unrecognized letter of the day is … Andy Morrison.


Spain’s police chief fears “serious problems” as Sevilla prepares for 150,000 fans of the Pope’s “New O’Rangers” and “Eintracht” from Frankfurt in the final of the “Big Vase”, which will take place on Wednesday, along with a temperature of 35 degrees. “Too many people with too much alcohol, most without tickets and too many construction sites in the city, a recipe that can lead to serious problems,” – frightened Juan Carlos Castro Estevez.

Police in Seville.
Police in Seville. Photo: Marcela del Poza / Reuters

As expected, Granit Jack was late with his teammates after the defeat of “Arsenal” from “Newcastle” with a score of 2: 0. “We didn’t deserve to be on the field … if you’re not ready or nervous, stay on the bench, stay home,” He shouted, two feet clearly from the ground. “We need people to have swords to come here and play.”

Jordan Nobs will miss Euro 2022 after her knees endured it Temporary composition of England. Georgia Stanway is 28, and so is she done one from Manchester City to Bavaria Munich.

And Nathan Jones of Luton isn’t happy that Huddersfield fans are getting into his grid as they run on to celebrate the playoff victory. “The fans were an absolute disgrace … [but] we will not complain, because football fans are like that, ” he did not complain.

Under the fires of Huddersfield.
Under the fires of Huddersfield. Photo: Matt West / Rex / Shutterstock


Thanks, Jake Daniels: Barney Ronai praises the teen Blackpool for coming out and saying we should just let him play.

Alan McGregor begins a conversation with Ewan Murray about the final of Pope Newk O’Rangers ’Grand Vase and how the victory will bring him the most important medal in the draw.

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