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Local Crisis Center Barnabas House Was “Broken and Captured” Early Morning | District News


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The local charity and shelter Barnabas House was hacked and stolen early on the morning of May 4, three thieves broke into the main office through a window. Three robbers broke through the back window around 5 p.m. They quickly made their way around the office, stealing phones and tablets before leaving the room. The whole event took less than five minutes. Both internal and external security cameras around the office recorded the event and could be used to identify two petty criminals in an impressive amount of time. Barnabas shared images of the footage with the wider community to identify the perpetrators, and administrator Felix Sebastian said the two were quickly identified. The two, whose faces are clearly visible in the footage, are known to police for similar burglaries, and Mr Sebastian said they were already suspected. However, the third attacker is still unknown. Although Mr. Sebastian was offended, he tried to focus on the positives. He confirmed that the damaged windows and doors would be repaired within 48 hours as an urgent repair. “The main thing is that no one was hurt,” he said. “The bright side is that it happened at night, no one was hurt. You just have to be more careful.” Mr Sebastian said that although the doors and windows could be repaired, the invasion of privacy and security was delayed. “It’s an invasion of your personal space. This office, people only come to meetings … it’s not a loss, it’s an inconvenience, but a sense of disruption. Your home, your office should be a safe place.” READ MORE He added that somewhat reactively, they will look to upgrade their security systems with alarms as well as cameras that have come in so useful. Mr Sebastian expressed surprise that Barnabas House would become a target, being a charity that does not have much money. He also noted that the troika knew exactly where his office was located, and made their way directly to it. Anyone with information about the event is encouraged to contact Griffith Police at 6969 4299 or Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000. Our reporters are working hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the public. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:



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