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Lorna Jane’s Flashdance pants are selling out thanks to this TikTok trend


The popular fitness brand is struggling to keep up with the demand for the pants it has been selling for two decades. That’s why.

When the pants she designed 20 years ago suddenly started flying off the shelves again, Lorna Clarkson was at first confused.

Started a fashion designer who owns the popular Australian fitness brand Lorna Jane sell loose pants at the beginning of zeros.

But although they have always been a favorite among buyers and have been selling steadily in recent years, “elastic” pants have recently started selling in record quantities, prompting the 57-year-old to wonder why.

As it turned out, the answer was very “strange”.

“Flashdance pants have been one of the brand’s best-selling styles for years, so the sudden surge in sales of this iconic favorite seemed to come as a complete surprise,” Lorna of Brisbane told news.com. .au

“But the unexpected rise in popularity can be attributed to nothing more than content created by users on TikTok».

The social networking platform, loved by Generation Z, has sparked a new appreciation Pants for $ 79.99 in which several replenishments “sold out” in less than 24 hours.

“My first thought was,‘ Wow! Teenagers have finally understood, ”Lorna joked before adding,“ It’s amazing to see how new generations love and love them. ”

And they are “favorites”. Currently, the hashtag #flashdancepants has more than 4 million views in TikTok – not bad for a pair of bottoms launched two decades ago.

Many videos show young women dancing in clothes, while other clips show users how to design a fashion item.

“I just got it and I’m already in love,” one of the users signed his video.

“I like your Lorna Jane pants,” said another.

The excitement was so great that Lorna said it was “a challenge to keep up with demand”.

“We restored them as quickly as we could,” she explained.

“As a new TikTok user, I had a hard time understanding how far the videos were at first.

“The community is so creative with its content that it is impressive to see the passion behind these creators. It is even more special to see how daughters love the style that is already in their mother’s wardrobe. ”

Originally published as Lorna Jane’s Flashdance pants are “sold out” thanks to the teenage trend TikTok


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