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Lovestruck High Review – Dating Lindsay Lohan Absolutely Hysterical (in Every Sense) | Television and radio


L.Overstruck High (Amazon Prime) is the latest in a long line of objectively horrible dating shows that draw you into their empty dramas before you can realize that hours have passed and the light has gone out to you into a compliant darkness that can only think of in terms of who will be “pumped up” next. The idea, which has probably been labeled “inconspicuous” at any number of meetings, but has been implemented nonetheless, is that a bunch of 20-year-olds from Love Island pretend to go to an American-style high school in order to find love. and won $ 100,000 (£ 80,000). They are all British except one Irishman, so I hope everyone is following the exchange rate. Send heavily tattooed adults to a fake school for sham lessons run by actors who play teachers who infantilize them, hoping they all connect? I watched Open House: A Great Sex Experimentso it’s hard to surprise.

It is in aesthetic duty Sex education, with its vibrant colors and British boarding school meets American high school kitsch. But his greatest honor is this Made in Chelsea. It is filmed in that characteristic script style of reality – what is the name of a serious conversation about feelings surrounded by a camera, in the style of a lion chasing its prey? – with a lot of slow-motion shots of toned bodies “engaged in physical education.” Everything is created to create unnecessary conflicts and tensions, making it a hopeless, shameful addiction.

There are two original qualities. One is that it is narrated by Lindsay Lohan, who throws as many references to “Evil Girls” without naming the film, as well as purity along with comments such as “Wow, Savage” and “Damn, on average” school is hard “. Lovestruck High is full of unnecessary interjections: each episode lasts about 48 minutes, but it takes on a reality TV tic in which it tells in detail about what just happened, or carefully explains what is about to happen, and it can easily shave 20 minutes. “I kiss all these people,” says one newcomer we just saw kissing all these people.

Another innovation, if you can call it that, is that these are not ordinary naturals and such women fighting for each other’s affections. The contestants here are naturals, gays and everything in between. First, it promises to add an ingredient that all dating shows should strive for, and that’s chaos; people don’t know who to ask for a dance back home because not everyone speaks openly about their sexuality. But soon it merges into cliques and friendship groups, and sexual attachments – least of all.

Basically it’s a scenario reality in numbers, and even a milkshake in a diner after a cheerleading class amid jokes about evil girls can’t dress it up like anything else. The first three episodes “fall out” at once, and the speed with which the drama moves is impressive. Friendships, love and relationships are formed, destroyed and restored like a liquid metal terminator. By the end of the third episode, when there is a small and completely predictable turn, the entire cast begins to act as if someone has fallen dead right in front of them. It’s hysteria, in every sense of the word. I was protracted from the start, though I couldn’t help but wonder if I was the only person being betrayed.


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