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Machine Gun Kelly sniffs ‘cocaine’ from Megan Fox’s chest


Tommy Lee’s interpretation of Machine Gun Kelly might have been too on the nose.

It also includes Megan Fox Halloween costume like the aforementioned rocker and Pamela Anderson at the Casamigos party on Friday, Kelly shared a video of himself sniffing and licking “cocaine” — likely fake, though it’s unclear — from Foxx’s chest.

“Happy Halloween virgin,” he captioned the Instagram carousel of photos and, of course, the eyebrow-raising video.

Naturally, followers were horrified that the 32-year-old “Bloody Valentine” singer would glorify drugs in any capacity, considering his fan base consists of a large number of teenagers.

“Okay, but this? Hell, can your music be good without drugs? not so much,” wrote one fan.

“I can’t keep defending you what is this😭,” another commented.

“Not cool with snoring and a teen idol,” wrote a third follower.

“He thinks he can post a video of him doing the af – king line, crossing the af – king line after every artist we’ve done over the past few years,” another commented.

“Okay, the person will say they didn’t ask, but that’s not okay. Whether it’s a fake or a joke,” noted another. “It is unacceptable to promote this to your fans and it is even worse for the children they both have. Very disappointed, I’m really not a fan of yours anymore at this point. It’s hell.”

Other followers criticized the 36-year-old “Transformers” actress for being a mom and engaging in public “drug” related posts. (Kelly is also a father.)

“Are you a mother? Oh, how proud your children will be years from now when they see this,” one person commented.

“Knowing she has kids who will grow up to see this is so sad,” wrote another.

The backlash didn’t seem to stop Kelly and Foxx, who got engaged in January, from continuing their controversial Halloween spree, as they fueled the fire even more when they accessorized their dope costume with one in which he dressed as a priest and she dressed as a sexualized worshiper on a leash

None of them responded to the backlash.

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