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Mad John’s widow Patricia Ilhan’s Brighton mansion graffitied, windows broken


The luxury home of a famous family stands ruined and covered in crude graffiti among a row of mansions on the famous Golden Mile in Brighton, Victoria.

The five-bedroom house – three doors down from a house on the market for $50 million – had windows smashed and graffitied with images of male genitalia and messages including “Brighton scum” and “get paid”.

But it turns out, no matter how it seems, there was no crime.

The house belongs to Patricia Ilhan, the widow of Crazy John founder John Ilhan, who admitted to Herald SunPage 13 at this month’s event the damage was done during a demolition party where some revelers got a little carried away.

Mrs. Ilhan sold her yard by more than $20 million last year, and now plans to demolish the home she built with Mr. Ilhan in the early 2000s to rebuild and begin her next chapter with Chris Blackman, whom she married in March.

Police told news.com.au they received complaints from neighbors about damage to a home in Seacombe Grove on October 11.

“Police contacted the owners of the unoccupied home, who advised that there had been no crime and that the home was being prepared for demolition,” the spokeswoman said.

A week after the demolition, land records show that the sale of the adjacent block (which was used as the Ilhan family garden) was settled and then sold.

Ms Ilhan sold the 1,750 square meter waterfront site to Melbourne developer Ross Voca for $20,000,999, who immediately sold it to Sean Senvirtn, founder and CEO of online marketplace MyDeal, for $22 million.

Earlier this year, Ms Ilhan held a ‘sale’ at her Brighton residence, selling items from gadgets and hardware to second-hand designer clothes, with part of the proceeds going to breast cancer research. Mrs. Ilhan herself suffered from breast cancer.

Ms Ilhan is also the founder of the Australian Food Allergy Foundation, which supports allergy research and the search for a cure for anaphylaxis.

Her famous late husband Mr Ilhan was once the richest Australian under 40. He founded Crazy John’s in 1991, originally called Mobileworld.

He was the first to offer $1 mobile phones in the Australian market, earning him the nickname “crazy” from his competitors. This inspired a new business name.

Mad John’s sponsor A murky show for 18 seasons and has also sponsored many amateur and professional clubs and sports associations.

Mr Ilkhan once tried to buy the naming rights to the Subiaco oval atmosphere in Perth. He offered $5 million to rename it Crazy John Stadium, but that effort was shot down by the board.

Mr. Ilhan died unexpectedly at the age of 42 in 2007 after suffering a heart attack. The couple’s four children were under 10 years old at the time, the youngest was only 10 months old.

The following year, Ms. Ilhan sold the Crazy John’s mobile empire to Vodafone, but in 2014 Vodafone announced that Crazy John’s was going out of business.

news.com.au has contacted Ms Ilhan for further comment.

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