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Make a sensation with smart shelter


Decorating a bathroom is not just about spending big money on items or colored tiles. Shelter in the bathroom, although practical, can also be a feature of the design.

Rietveld Architects chief interior designer Andrea Martinez said the bathroom could be a place to relax and unwind, and its main goal was to be a functional space for the whole family.

“Bathrooms are often multi-user rooms where one or more people use them for different purposes,” she said.

According to Ms. Martinez, it’s important to think not only about how products will be stored and used in the bathroom – functionality is the key to good design.

“Think about what exactly you need to store and how often you need to access these items,” she said.

“Consider ergonomics of access as the most efficient use of bathroom storage zoning, and make sure you include enough power points.”

Ms. Martinez said that while a pair of drawers can provide a little extra storage space, there are several creative ways to skillfully hide clutter as well as elevate design.

“Facial-level shaving lockers are great because they hide all our dirty everyday things behind mirrored doors,” she said.

“We like to sink shaving cabinets into the wall so they don’t protrude into the room.

“Installing tall cabinets from wall to wall and floor to ceiling is a smart way to make a large cabinet wall look like wall cladding.

“If you install a toilet with a hidden tank and a flush plate mounted above the pan, consider installing a hidden tank in the cabinet wall, then on both sides of the toilet you can have shallow floor-to-ceiling cabinets.”

Ms. Martinez said that sometimes the best way to store things in the bathroom is to put them on display.

“Often we use a mix of overt and covert storage solutions for maximum flexibility, efficiency and aesthetics,” she said.

“Outdoor shelving is ideal for decorative items such as candles, perfume bottles and plants.

“Greenery in the bathroom is a trend that is gaining momentum after the return of the popularity of houseplants.

“A towel stool and a good book with a glass of wine are a really good moment for a style that is also very practical.”

According to Ms. Martinez, an inventory of all bathroom goods and gadgets, including children’s, is very important to create effective and convenient storage solutions.

“Disassemble everything into everyday items, casual items, underwear and personal care products so you can see how much storage space you need to fit everything,” she said.

“Examine the socket boxes to accommodate small personal care appliances, add adjustable racks to the shaving cabinets for electric toothbrushes and razors and don’t forget the small basket.

“Having clear shelves or drawers is a great way to organize children and place their individual things in their own space.”

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