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Make the best move in the vendor market


The real estate market remains hot, and CoreLogic data show that the average time of home sales in Perth fell to just 13 days in April.

For those looking to buy a home, Realmark coastal sales salesman James Harry said a short window of opportunity means less time to decide whether to make an offer and buy a property.

“The problem for some buyers is that new real estate can hit the market, and by the time these buyers are officially ready to check, it’s already on offer because someone wanted it more,” he said.

Ray White Applecross Sales Noel Rogers said it’s important to be prepared to buy in an overcrowded market.

“Know your availability, research the evidence of sales related to your chosen property, and negotiate, knowing the price that has been paid for recent sales in the area,” he said.

Mr Heerey advises buyers not to underestimate rates or low offers because they think it is not worth it.

“Despite your feelings, if the data is there to support the price, they will not serve you as a buyer and will not provide you with real estate, especially in a sales company on certain dates, which is very common in this market,” he said. said.

“If an agent tells you that the benchmark price is $ 1 million, you can ask for a list of comparable items that have recently been sold to help you formulate your offer.

“You can also seek the help of a buyer’s agent, which I highly recommend if you are unsure or have lost confidence if you have lost property.”

For sellers, Mr. Rogers acknowledged that the shorter average time meant it was a great time for those putting their property on the market.

“Selling your property shouldn’t take months and months of opening a home,” he said. “The longer your home is on the market, the lower will be the price you can take for your home.

“Now is a great time to find the highest price on the market in no time.”

Mr Heary said that before putting a home on the market, sellers need to find an agent they trust to achieve the best result on their existing property.

“Trust your representative – agents are working hard to get sellers to turn the market to what they need and come up with a strategy to ensure they are never sold cheap,” he said.

“If you want to sell, find an agent who cares about your interests, and ask him what their strategy is to help you find a place to buy.

“Any agent who stands in this market is not just about being sold on the best terms, it’s more than that.”


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