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Manchester City vs. Real Madrid live, news, results, live updates, stream, blog


Carlo Ancelotti admitted on Tuesday that Real Madrid will have to gamble if they want to get out behind to beat Manchester City in the Champions League semi-finals (Thursday, 5am AEST).

Madrid are 4-3 behind after an exciting first match in Manchester last week, when they are looking to make another comeback and reach the first club final of the Champions League since 2018 – where they beat the first approved finalists this year in Liverpool with a score of 3 -1.

“If we sit deep, we will not miss 99 shots, and if we get into their penalty area, they will fight us, but sometimes we have to take risks,” Ancelotti told a news conference before the return match.

“In those games we scored a lot – three against PSG, five against Chelsea, three against City – so we have the quality to take risks.”

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“He had a nightmare, though.” 01:23


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Real Madrid have shown perseverance and struggle to get behind against Paris Saint-Germain in the round of 16 and Chelsea in the quarter-finals, but Ancelotti said they will need more than just character to beat City.

“You don’t get to the final with your heart,” said Ancelotti. “Personality is an important part, but you need individual quality, collective commitment – all this is needed to reach the final, one of these things will not be enough to get to the final.”

Luka Modric said that the players are confident that they will be able to pass while Real Madrid is chasing the 14th European Cup.

“We are very confident that we can come back, because we know that in the first match we did not have the best game and still scored three goals,” said Modric.

“We have quality and character, and the history of this club, which has the most titles in the Champions League, is also of great importance.”

Liverpool power before UCL final | 01:28

Real Madrid celebrated victory in the 35th La Liga Championship on Saturday as players rode an open-top bus to meet thousands of fans in the city’s Sibeles Square, despite the fact that before the return match against ” City ‘has only four days left.

“We really wanted to go to Sibeles because it’s been a long time since we were able to celebrate the title with our fans,” Modric said. “We liked it, but once it was over, we were focused on tomorrow’s game.

“It was a beautiful day and all, the season is not over yet.”

Ancelotti has confirmed that Real Madrid defender David Alaba will miss the game due to injury and will be replaced by Nacha Fernandez. But Kazemira is back in shape, giving Madrid a significant increase in midfield.

“Casimir will help us,” Ancelotti said. “His return strengthens us in defense. I think we will see improvement from the first match. “


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