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Mandur’s man Nathan Paul Smith fined for fable tattoo


A member of the famous fable gang was fined heavily after being arrested in Mandura with his club tattoo clearly revealed.

On May 6, Nathan Paul Smith was confronted by the Mandura Magistrates’ Court over video communication, accused of displaying insignia of an identified organization in a public place.

The accusation is related to the 2021 Criminal Law Bill, which gives police the power to prevent the collection of bikes in public places and to wear patches or demonstrations of insignia, including club tattoos.

Sergeant Attorney Flint told the court that on February 4, 2021, Smith was arrested on Scott Street, Mandura, for immunity, and during the arrest police noticed that his right arm was exposed with a club tattoo.

On-duty lawyer Casturi Merty, who represented Smith, said that while he agreed that the tattoo was on display, it was not in his head when he went home at night.

Judge Leanne Atkins then picked up a photo of Smith’s tattoo and said, “You mean this tattoo that covers the entire length of his arm?”.

Ms. Merty said it was a stupid mistake made by Smith, and he did not want it to affect his plans to move to Naragin to live peacefully after his release.

Smith is currently serving a prison sentence in a separate case and may be released as early as February 2023.

Ms. Atkins said she admitted that Smith was already serving a prison sentence, and the fine was as much as she was going to sort out.

Smith was fined $ 1,000.


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