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Mansfield Town postpone match to 1pm in response to energy crisis | Mansfield


Due to the energy crisis, Mansfield Town have changed the kick-off time for their game against Walsall on October 15th from 3pm to 1pm.

The The second league the club is the first in the EFL to make such a move. A poll by football reform group Fair Game over the past fortnight found that 63% of the 40 clubs surveyed – including 12 EFL teams – said they would consider an earlier kick-off to reduce their electricity bills.

A statement from Mansfield said: “The club is committed to mitigating future significant increases in electricity bills. As part of that effort, the earlier start time will allow the club to determine whether significant savings can be made on floodlights and other energy costs.

“Furthermore, after considering this change in kick-off time, the club will be better able to determine whether an earlier start on Saturday will affect potential attendances.”

Several Mansfield supporters reacted negatively to the club’s tweet, noting that they or others would no longer be able to attend, and in one case they booked transport. On 24 August, Mansfield moved their home game against Hartlepool, scheduled for Saturday 1 October, to Friday evening.

In the Fair Play survey, clubs rated their concern about the cost of living crisis at seven out of 10, rising to eight out of 10 among League Two teams. Sixty per cent of the 40 clubs said they were considering halting ground improvement work as a result of the crisis, while 38% said they were preparing to review the budgets of their non-playing staff.


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