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Manufacturers of premium lamb Victoria enter the world market


The Victoria government is supporting local lamb producers to boost international exports to new and emerging markets while supporting jobs.

Agriculture Minister Mary Ann Thomas attended a culinary master class as part of the Lambassador program for 2022 and met with 30 international chefs in Melbourne to host a “pen-to-plate” workshop as part of the initiative.

“We are excited to work with Meat and Livestock Australia to extend Lambassador’s successful program to global markets, which has a proud history of supporting Victoria’s lamb producers by promoting their high-quality lamb on grass internationally – which in turn supports jobs,” he said. said Thomas.

Leading chefs will spend a week exploring Victorian lamb and state producers, inspiring them to create their own specialties and advertise Victorian lamb when they return home.

The Lambassador program is funded by Meat and Livestock Australia with a $ 2.5 million grant from the government’s Victoria Global Export Recovery Fund and the Agriculture Victoria’s Food to Market program. The program has been running since 2015, with delegates from all over the world coming to Victoria.

“Educating world-class international chefs about the high quality of premium lamb and the exciting range of culinary opportunities it provides through the Lambassador program is an innovative way to promote and enhance the industry’s global export potential,” Meat and Livestock CEO Markets said. Andrew Cox.

The return of the personal program will lead the group to travel to Victoria Regional to see where Victorian lamb is grown, learn more about how it is made, discover new cooking methods and experience one of the state’s best products and wines.

The Lambassador program began in Japan and will now be extended to new regions including Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North America over the next two years.

Victoria is the largest exporter of sheep meat in Australia with exports worth $ 1.4 billion. The program will help boost world exports by raising the awareness and understanding of lamb in important foreign markets such as Japan, Vietnam and South Korea.


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