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Market Matters Invest is launched as part of a partnership with the tech investment platform OpenInvest


Market Matters Retail Platform today announces the launch of its digital investment solution – Market Matters Invest – giving subscribers and the wider investment community access to three of its popular investment portfolios along with informative and engaging content:

  • Active high criminal record portfolio;
  • Revenue Portfolio; and
  • Portfolio of new companies.

All portfolios are managed by the Market Matters team, led by Senior Portfolio Manager James Garrisch, who has extensive portfolio management experience gained over a remarkable 20-year career in the financial markets. It is supported by a team of research analysts and offers a direct, concise and sound approach to investing – explaining solutions to members in unique detail.

Market Matters Invest comes in partnership with a Melbourne-based financial investment platform, OpenInvest.

Gerish commented that he is launching a solution to give Market Matters subscribers along with the wider investment community an easier and more effective way to follow their approach and actions.

“It’s a very simple digital registration process, and after that we’ll manage the client’s portfolio for them, carrying out all the transactions, giving regular comments and thorough reports available through our app,” Gerish said.

Gerish added that he was particularly pleased to launch Market Matters Invest at a time when ordinary Australians are showing increased interest in investing in the stock market – meaning the launch of a number of expensive advertised trading apps that encourage Australians to try their luck when trading stocks. while promoting cheap brokerage services.

“Investing is a complex business full of risk and uncertainty – as the current geopolitical situation is all too clear – and we believe that Australian retail investors will benefit from having a full-time team with rich resources in their corner. Yes, cheap brokerage services are nice, but more important is what you invest in, when you need to balance and outweigh your portfolios and how to diversify properly. This is what Market Matters Invest offers, all for a transparent and reasonable management fee – and without brokerage services, ”Gerisch explained.

Ravi Verma, head of distribution at OpenInvestsaid he is excited to work with an experienced and reliable portfolio and content management team at Market Matters.

“James and his team have an excellent reputation in the financial markets and a high level of engagement and trust with a large audience of retail investors. We are proud to play our part in supporting the Market Matters Invest solution. ”


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