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Marlion Pickett dropped out of the Dreamtime Richmond Tigers game to face Dylan Moore of the Hawthorn Hawks



Speaking from the AFL, Nick Payne told the QC that the incident in Kasbult was irrelevant as his momentum was much less than that of Pickett and the contact was accidental, while Tiger decided to crash.

Payne said Pickett’s assessment of his speed and strength should not be considered as Moore was hit with enough force to bring him off the field.

“It was more of a success than a good technique that Moore didn’t get injured,” Payne said.

The tribunal agreed, saying the momentum of both players had created the potential for injury.


“Mr Pickett approached and struck with impulse, and Mr Moore himself moved with impetus,” the tribunal acknowledged.

“There was a realistic potential for head, face or blow injuries. We did not consider the example of Kasbul to be comparable enough, because the circumstances and the impetus of the players were different from here. “

Meanwhile, the AFL has been criticized for failing to impose a harsher fine on West Coast forward Liam Ryan for hitting Jake Bowie of Melbourne.

The great Sydney Jude Bolton was surprised by the Melbourne young man Cade Chandler was disqualified for two games for a mistaken fight, while Ryan ran away with one match to slash instead of qualifying.

According to Bolton, Chandler’s offense was a football one that resulted in an injury, while Ryan wasn’t but didn’t hurt his opponent.

“We value the outcome, not the action,” Bolton said, referring to the selection of Chandler, who stunned Luke Foley from the West Coast and had to go through AFL concussions.

“This is an indecent act.

“If you look at Liam Ryan to get less than that for the same week, it feels like the likelihood of injury and action should be punished.”


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