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Martinez will discuss the future of Belgium after the World Cup


A header by Misha Batshuai in the first half helped Belgium win the second victory in the campaign in the League of Nations, although it still lags behind the Netherlands by three points in Group A4 after a pick-up by Louis van Gaal defeated him 4-1 in the starting games earlier this month.

Outcomes like this, as well as Belgium’s inability to take the top trophy, despite the fact that it has created an alleged “golden generation” of talent, have led to speculation that Martinez’s work may be at stake.

But the former Everton manager will ask questions about his future only after bringing the Red Devils to the World Cup in Qatar.

“It will be the right decision [to discuss the future after the tournament]”He said.” Not for me as a coach, but for Belgian football.

“Everyone can be sure that my only will and desire is for us to see Belgium as strongly as possible at the World Cup.

“I want the fans to be as proud as possible. All my work will be focused on this in the coming months.

“Let’s look after the World Cup. In international football, it makes sense that you look at it from a big tournament to a big one. There’s nothing strange about that.”

Belgium will meet Canada, Morocco and Croatia in Group F in Qatar, finishing third in Russia in 2018.

Martinez’s team felt comfortable for a long time against Poland, limiting their hosts to just two shots on goal and allowing Robert Lewandowski only one attempt throughout the game.

But Belgium nearly gave way to a dramatic equalizer when Karol Swiderski twice approached the receding stage, and Martinez was delighted with the character his team showed while clinging to victory.

The Red Devils have scored seven points in their first four games in the League of Nations this month, and the coach believes the matches have proved valuable as they prepare for their trip to Qatar.

“We defended well and showed a lot of personality,” Martinez said. “Winning in this form is even more enjoyable than that [if] it was a simple victory.

“These matches were used to gather information for the World Cup and we got it.

“The results have not always been good, but there is no perfection. Not in football and not in life. Reaction after Wales [a 1-1 draw last week] was there. I remember that. “


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