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Mary Payne seeks guarantees on Solomon deal


Foreign Minister Marie Payne said Australia would continue to seek assurances from the Solomon Islands that the Pacific would not allow it to build a Chinese military base.

Speaking Thursday at an event at the U.S. Research Center in Sydney, Senator Payne criticized the recent security pact signed between Solomon Islands and China, saying the deal was not transparent.

However, the minister defended the government’s decision in the situation, saying Australia had consistently dealt with security threats in the region.

“The (Security Agreement) is not transparent, it is not open, unlike … the bilateral security agreement of Australia with the Solomon Islands,” she said.

“This is not something that has been provided to partners and has not been discussed with partners, not only with Australia, but also not with Pacific partners.”

The foreign minister said it was very important for the regional response to the problems in the Pacific.

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“We will continue to work closely with the Solomon Islands, we are also involved throughout the region,” she said.

“The Pacific family can best be the first to respond to such security concerns.”

The coalition government has been criticized for dealing with the Solomon Islands, with some saying it has turned a blind eye to problems in the Pacific and some of Australia’s closest neighbors.

The foreign minister’s decision not to go to Solomon after the signing of the agreement, which was replaced by Pacific Minister Zed Seselj, was also attacked.

Senator Payne told the research center that several countries had expressed concern about the recent security pact.

“I have consistently acknowledged that this is a clear sovereign decision of a sovereign government. However, we know that other members of the Pacific family share our concerns, ”she said.

“We will continue to talk to the Solomon Islands government about how the Pacific family can best help provide security in our region.

“We did it successfully, we will continue to do so.”

Speaking about Australia’s alliance with the US on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the entry into force of the ANZUS treaty, Senator Payne said the alliance had helped ensure stability in the wider region indefinitely.

“Australia has been at the forefront of addressing this geostrategic reality in our region,” she said.

“There is now a strong consensus among the Australian people that firm adherence to our values ​​and principles, even under pressure, is the right approach to our long-term future.”


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