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Maver debunks myths about fat


For years, Australians have been told to avoid processed fats in their diet, however Ambassador Mayver and lead nutritionist Susie Barrel show the difference between good and bad fats and the important role of proper fats in our diet.

Susie says that while Australians generally get a lot of fat, many of us still don’t get enough “good fats”.

“There are a number of different types of fats, including saturated, trans fats, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, but with so much nutrition information available, it’s no wonder many of us are confused when it comes to fat,” says Susie. .

“The types of fats that we need to minimize in our diet are trans fats and saturated fats. Small amounts of trans fats are found in fast foods, including processed cakes, cookies and pastries, and saturated fats are found in some mixed and animal fats consumed with meat, dairy products and packaged or processed foods.

“Consuming large amounts of these processed foods can contribute to inflammation in the body, and high levels of inflammation over time are associated with an increased risk of a number of lifestyle-related diseases including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and even some cancers.

“On the other hand, crude natural polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are fats that Australians need to consume more of, and they are commonly found in foods such as nuts or 100% natural nut spreads such as Mayver’s peanut butter, seeds, oily fish, avocado and other products. quality Australian extra virgin olive oil ”.

Susie adds that there are two main types of polyunsaturated fats, omega-3 and omega-6, while monounsaturated fats are found in olive oil, canola oil, avocado and various types of nuts.

“When included in a balanced diet, unsaturated fats can really help reduce the risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol and promote healthy brain function,” says Susie.

“Adding a handful of nuts or applying 30g of Mayver’s peanut butter to a corn or brown rice cake as an afternoon tea is an easy and delicious way to start including portions of controlled portions of proper unsaturated fats in your diet.

“Mayver’s has also introduced omega-3 super peanut butter, making it an easy task to incorporate extra omega-3 and DHA boosters into your diet or your child’s diet.”

To get a hearty snack rich in healthy fats and help you get full before dinner, try protein balls from oatmeal Susie or pancakes with peanut butter Mayver.

Recipes for good fats Mayver:

  • Vegetable-based peanut butter pancakes
  • Vermicelli tofu salad
  • Susie’s Oat Protein Balls

About Maver

Mayver’s is an Australian family-owned natural distribution company. All Mayver natural spreads are vegan and contain absolutely no added butter, sugar, gluten, dairy, cholesterol or hardened fats and nothing but good for your family.

Mayver products are available at Woolworths, Coles and independent retailers across Australia. For more information or a recipe for inspiration visit mayvers.com.au


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