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McLachlan manipulated the actresses, the jury said


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Craig McLachlan manipulated the actresses and played them with insults and promises to change roles during and after the 2014 series. Rocky Horror Showheard the jury.

Entering the witness box on the fifth day, the 56-year-old McLachlan was questioned about whether he used insults when addressing individual actresses behind their backs during a theatrical production.

“You would insult one cast by talking to another,” Mr Hodge said.

“No,” McLachlan replied.

The actor denied that he described Erica Heinz, who played Magenta in the production, as “with …” and “destroying the show” to another actress Angela Skundi, and said that he never called Christie’s third actress Whelan Brown “ak- or bitch”. which will never work in a theater again.

Mr Hodge suggested that McLachlan manipulated Whelan Brown to congratulate him on the 2014 Helpmann Award, saying he was in her corner during the hardships of staging Rocky Horror.

The actress said at the time she was frustrated, frustrated and without support.

Mr Hodge suggested that allegations that he supported Whelan Brown were lies to get her to apologize for not praising him after the victory.

“You successfully manipulated her to apologize to you,” the lawyer said.

“No, no, Mr. Hodge,” McLachlan replied.

McLachlan claims that his friendship with the actress remained strong throughout the show. However, emails he sent to show director Christopher Lasky revealed that he called Whelan Brown a “Lucifer” in June 2014 and a “horror” in August of that year.

The award-winning performer agreed to bring sexual jokes and pranks Rocky Horror Showincluding bananas with a deep throat, masturbating the hands of crew members, kissing and grabbing them, and using the nickname “gobbler” for other show participants.

“You have to peel a banana and make it some shape to make it look like a penis and then bury it deep,” Mr. Hodge said.

“Well, the banana is the right shape, but yes,” – said the actor.

He admitted that he sent Whelan Brown a video in which he is fully dressed, pretending to masturbate, as well as clips where he pretended to have an orgasm in the toilet.

McLachlan claims that Whelan Brown herself was a “knowingly obscene man” who was interested in “deviant sexual acts.” He claimed she was dishonest for telling the media that she was offended by his behavior.

The actor is suing ABC, Fairfax and Whelan Browne for libel in connection with publications in January 2018 concerning allegations of misconduct during the production of the film in 2014. Rocky Horror Show and other productions.

The hearing continues.



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