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Meet Ray Anderson, Paralympian and Coordinator of Activate Inclusion Sports Days and Start Up Kidz – Disability Sports Australia


“My name is Ray Anderson, I am the coordinator of the Activate Inclusion Sports Days (AISD) project and the Start Up Kidz program for Disability Sports Australia. I was offered this role and I took the opportunity to participate in such an important program and a wonderful organization.

As a summer Paralympian participating in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games in discus and javelin throwing, I know what benefits, experiences and opportunities sporting and entertaining activities provide. Such programs are very important for young, future athletes; for it took me a chance meeting with the Australian Paralympic record holder and gold medalist with cerebral palsy to learn about the Paralympic Games and adaptive sports.

These programs are a great way for students to learn about the local sports community, try new sports and develop not only self-esteem and sports skills, but also meet new friends and develop their own future sports goals.

I competed for my school in sports including football, hockey, futsal and athletics; to one day play for Australia in football – the presence of cerebral palsy and the study of the Paralympic Games made this goal possible. Now my goal is not only to represent Australia, but also to become the 7th Summer and Winter Paralympian of Australia and, of course, to win gold for Australia at the Paralympic Games.

I am currently training full time for the Paralympic Winter Skiing Games, and working at Disability Sports Australia has allowed me to return to the sport, support the next generation of athletes and sports enthusiasts, and support my financial needs to qualify for the 2022 Beijing Paralympics year “.

Ray Anderson
Paralympian / project coordinator – AISD, Start Up Kidz


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