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Meghan Markle quit ‘Deal or No Deal’ after being objectified on stage and told to ‘follow’


Meghan Markle has revealed she quit Deal or No Deal after being objectified on stage in the latest episode of her Spotify podcast.

The Duchess of Sussex said the woman who helped launch the US version of the hit show in 2006 told her to “get involved”. The sun informed.

The order made her feel “objectified” and “unreasonable,” the Duchess revealed on the latest episode of her podcast Archetypes.

Meghan had portfolio number 24 when she modeled on the US version of Deal or No Deal in 2006 – years before she met Prince Harry.

In her latest episode of Spotify – called Breaking Down ‘The Bimbo’ with Paris Hilton’ – Meghan said: “Last night I was flipping through the channels on the TV.

“It’s rare, by the way, when you have two children under the age of four – but I saw an episode of a game show called Deal or No Deal.

“It brought back a lot of memories.

“Back in 2006, I had a brief stint as a briefcase girl on the American version of a game show.

“Now my experience on the show – including holding said briefcase on stage with 25 other women doing the same – it was exciting for me.

“I studied acting in college at Northwestern University, and like many of the other women on stage with me, acting was what I did.

“So even though ‘Deal or No Deal’ wasn’t about acting, I was still very grateful as an actress auditioning to have a job.

“It could pay my bills. I had an income, I was in the Union, I had health insurance, it was great.

“And yet, I also studied international relations in college.

“And there were moments when I was on the set of Deal or No Deal and I was thinking back to when I was an intern at the US Embassy in Argentina in Buenos Aires, and I was in a motorcade with the finance minister at the time and I was especially appreciated. for my brain.

“Here. I was appreciated for the complete opposite.”

Megan continues to “paint a picture” of what it was like to work on the show.

She added: “All the girls, we would line up.

“And there were different stations for putting on lashes, extensions or putting on a bra.

“We were even given weekly tanning vouchers because there was a really nice idea of ​​how we should look.

“It was only about our beauty. And not necessarily about brains.

“And when I look back at that time, I’ll never forget that detail, because a few minutes before we went on stage, there was a woman who was hosting the show, and she was backstage there, and I can still hear her .

“She couldn’t pronounce my last name right at the time – and I knew who she was talking to because she’d say, ‘Markel sucks.’

“Markel is soaking it up.

“I ended up leaving the show.

“As I said, I was grateful for the job, but not for how foolish I felt.

“By the way, I was surrounded by smart women on that stage with me, but that wasn’t the main reason why we were there, and I would have walked away with that pit in my stomach as a result.

“Knowing that I am so much more than what is objectified on stage.”

Meghan goes on to say that she hopes her and Harry’s daughter Lilibeth will “aim a little higher” than “bimbo”.

She tells Paris Hilton on the podcast, “I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this idea, because when I hear the word bimbo, I get a very negative connotation.

“I don’t see it as wishful thinking for a woman, I want our daughters to strive to be a little taller.

“I want my Lily to want to be educated, to be smart, and to be proud of those things.”

In her latest podcast, Megan criticized Hollywood blockbusters for “toxic stereotypes” of Asian women.

She took jabs at Austin Powers – the famous James Bond spoof – and Kill Bill, whose killer Lucy Liu was hailed as a powerful role model.

In her first podcast since the Queen’s death, the Duchess of Sussex, 41, said the films were promoting an “incredibly dangerous” image of the stereotypical “dragon lady” to moviegoers.

She said: “Films like Austin Powers and Kill Bill presented these Asian female characters as often overly sexualized or aggressive. And it’s not just these two examples, there are many more.”

Megan added: “Dragon Woman, an East Asian seductress whose mysterious alien allure is described as captivating and deadly. It has crept into a lot of our entertainment.

“But this toxic stereotype about Asian women doesn’t end once the credits roll.”

This article originally appeared in The sun and was reproduced with permission

Originally published as Meghan Markle Quits ‘Deal or No Deal’ After Being ‘Treated Like a Desert’ and Told to ‘Watch’

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