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Mia Miller, the alleged Hindley St McDonalds spitter, claims she was hit


A teenage beautician who was filmed punching and spitting at a worker at a Hindley St McDonald’s last week has accused staff of wrongdoing, a claim McCas strongly denies.

18 years old Adelaide’s Mia Miller has gone viral for all the wrong reasons this week when footage emerged of her allegedly punching an employee in the head, spitting and throwing a drink and other objects at workers.

She claims the October 9 incident was aggravated by McDonald’s staff refusing her free water and allegedly initiating physical contact – a claim McDonald’s Australia denies.

“[I do]however, I believe the manager’s decision to physically attack me was unwise as I had no intention of harming him or his team in the first place,” the young beautician said on Facebook after a video of the incident went viral.

“The decision to push and kick me out of his kitchen was clearly unnecessary and not in line with work protocol.

“I recognize my huge role in this problem and apologize for my part, but I believe that no one in this situation was in the right.”

She claimed that 7NEWS later in the week: “They could have just given me a cup of free water and none of this would have happened.”

A McDonald’s Australia spokesman disputed Ms Miller’s claim, saying staff at Hindley St acted in accordance with emergency response procedures.

“Antisocial behavior is not tolerated in our restaurants and we expect our people to be treated with respect at all times,” they said.

“We will always do our best for our customers, but we do not accept abuse, intimidation, threats or violence towards our employees.

“We will continue to support all employees involved.”

In the video, Ms. Miller lunges at the counter several times, accusing the manager of hitting her.

“You hit me in the face bro,” she said speech is heard.

“No, no,” the manager replies categorically.

“Yes, hell, I did. There’s a video, stupid, says Ms. Miller.

Ms. Miller was charged with disorderly conduct, two counts of aggravated assault and one count of unlawful handling of human biological material.

The latter faces a maximum sentence of seven years in prison under South Australia’s tough new laws designed to stamp out abuse of retail staff.

Ms Miller’s case is due in court on November 24.

Originally published as ‘Physically Attacking Me’: Maccas Denies Alleged SA Maccas Spat, Mia Miller’s Wild Claims


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