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Modibodi fights period poverty with Plan International Laos


Australian sealed underwear brand Madibodi works with Plan International Laos to help girls manage periods at school.

In March and April 2022, employees of the District Office of Education and Sports distributed reusable Modibodi underwear to girls in 15 schools in Khoun District, Udomshai Province. More than 2,000 students received vintage underwear packages, each containing five vintage pants.

Menstrual poverty, characterized by lack of access to menstrual supplies, management and education, is a major global health problem that exacerbates gender inequality. The the first ever report recommendations for effective financing to address period poverty found that approximately 500 million people do not have adequate menstrual health and hygiene.

This is not a quick fix problem, especially when it comes to crossing borders and maintaining cultural safety.

What Modibodi and Plan International have done in Laos

According to Modibodi and Plan International Laos, the students visited had limited knowledge about sexual and reproductive health.

Some groups of girls have internalized misconceptions about menstruation, including warnings about foods not to eat and things not to do when one is on her period. Many women in Laos believe that one should not wash their hair, for example, during menstruation.

“Distribution events like the one we’ve done for Modibodi packs are a great way to start a conversation about normalizing periods,” says Plan Adolescent Project Manager Manivanh Phetsalath.

“An important part of our work is to break these taboos. During such events, we explain to the girls that menstruation is a natural and normal thing that happens every month. You can eat what you want and go about your normal business.’

The students had never seen or heard of vintage pants, so at first they were worried about how they would absorb liquid. After using them, Plan International said, these girls felt confident dressing in them and felt more comfortable participating in school activities while on their period, while saving on the cost of sanitary pads and reducing litter at school.

Madibodi’s mission to dispel myths about menstruation in Australia

Madibodi was equally passionate about breaking down recurring taboos on his home soil.

In September 2020, the brand launched The New Way to Menstruation TVC campaign, designed to normalize the conversation about periods. In a rare move in the advertising world, the film actually depicted blood red and showed real-life menstrual scenarios that people might face.

The film was temporarily banned on Facebook and was only reinstated due to industry backlash.

​​​​​​While Modibodi was originally launched to help women support periods and bladder leakage, the company now sells a full line of clothing that caters to leaks that occur throughout life and across genders.

To follow suit, in June 2022, Modibodi launched a more inclusive campaign aimed at destigmatizing body information leaks. It bravely explores masturbating during menstruation, the first night of a breastfeeding mom with a hole in her breast, and incontinence at all stages of life.

“The videos show moments of truth and comfort – physical, emotional or psychological. Instead of showing leaks as a source of shame or discomfort, we focused on moments when people are confident in their bodies and celebrating them,” says Modibodi Chief Marketing Officer Liana Lorenzato. Marketing.

“We will always continue to encourage open conversation and education, breaking taboos and reducing the shame, stigma and isolation that comes from these ‘taboo’ topics.”

To support the cause, Modibodi is available for purchase online.


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