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Mom celebrates her mother’s first day with miraculous twins


Charney Beck feared she would never celebrate Mother’s Day, but this Sunday she will be sheltered in the arms of two miraculous children.

The twins Chase and Aalia were born three months ahead of time at Mater Mothers’ Hohospital and faced a difficult struggle for survival.

But thanks to the expert care of the Maternal Newborn Intensive Care Unit – and the love of their loving mother – the twins are now thriving and about to celebrate their first birthday.

The twins were born by emergency cesarean section at 28 weeks. Chase weighed only 1.24 kg, and Alia – a tiny 1.1 kg.

The couple spent nearly four months in hospital, including 80 days in the neonatal intensive care unit, before Mrs. Beck was finally able to take them home.

“After the birth, I didn’t know if they would survive,” said Mrs. Beck.

“My children were so small when they were born. From where they started, to where they came from, it’s amazing.

“They both came home on oxygen, and now Chase only needs him when he’s asleep.”

Ms. Beck said her first Mother’s Day will be dedicated to celebrating the first year of the twins ’lives.

“I want to celebrate the time we spent together and the time I spent for their mother,” she said.

A happy and healthy couple will celebrate their first birthday on Wednesday, May 11th.

Maternal Clinical Hospital Director Mater Marie Reynolds said more than that Every year, 2,000 seriously ill and premature babies are admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NCCU)..

“However, Sunday will be a special day for Charney after the difficult journey she has had with her two babies at the hospital for a long time,” Ms Reynolds said.


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