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Monique Ryan promises to make politics safer for women when emotional Scott Morrison delivers church address

Independent candidate Kuyon Monique Ryan praised the “strong and mature” independent women for their successful fight against the Liberals in the federal election.
Dr. Ryan is going to win Kuyong’s place, probably by defeating outgoing treasurer Josh Friedenberg.
“I haven’t received a call from Mr. Friedenberg yet,” Dr. Ryan said.

“The AEC has said nothing, so I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I feel we have succeeded and I will be the next member of Cuyon.


Dr Ryan said she wanted to make Australian politics safer and more equal for women.
She said her daughter would not work at the Houses of Parliament in Canberra because “I didn’t feel she was safe there.”
“We have seen again and again how the Morrison government treated people like Brittany Higgins and Grace Thame, Rachel Miller, I am sure there are many more stories to be told.
“There is a significant gender pay gap and inequality in pensions.
“We still observe that every 11 days in Australia a woman is killed at the hands of her partner or ex-partner.

– It’s not good enough.

Emotional Scott Morrison addresses his church in Sutherland after losing the election

The outgoing Prime Minister Scott Morrison became emotional by speaking at his church on Sunday morning.
Although he remained calm during his inaugural speech on Saturday, Mr Morrison wiped away tears while speaking this morning at Sutherland Church in Sydney.
“Me, Jenny and the girls are very grateful to our church family,” Mr. Morrison said.

“You have given us an excellent foundation from which we could go through what has been very difficult, I must tell you, over the last four years.

“Whether you are prime minister, pastor, running a business, teaching in schools, working in the police, it doesn’t matter. Each of us is called to trust and obey. And before that He calls us to live in faith. This is how we live our faith every day, no matter what you do, and we express it in the way you do it. ”

“I am very pleased that the last thing I say as prime minister is here. Therefore, I will not rely on my own words, ”he said.

Mr. Morrison then quoted a passage from Habakkuk 3:17.
“Even if the fig tree does not bloom and there will be no fruit on the vine, if there is no olive harvest and if the fields do not produce food, even if the flock is cut off from the flock and there are no cattle in the stalls, but I will prevail in the Lord. I will rejoice in the God of my salvation.
“May God bless Australia. May God bless our community. And may God continue to show his commitment to this wonderful church family. “

On Monday, Mr Albanese will be sworn in as Australia’s 31st Prime Minister.


The posthumous identification of liberals begins as independent, greens call for gender equality and climate action

The Liberal Party put up with the election defeat last night, and several members wondered what had gone wrong.
While less than one in three Australians voted for the Labor Party, even fewer voted for the Liberals.
Finance Minister Simon Birmingham said on Sunday that the coalition could take climate change more seriously, and acknowledged that the government is capable of “going further” on its commitments to reduce carbon emissions by 2030.
“We need to make sure Australians understand that we recognize the science of climate change, and some of us always do, but we all have to,” Mr Birmingham told ABC.

“We recognize the need for Australia to play a leading role in global action and that we understand our language as well as our policies in this space.”


Mr Birmingham also acknowledged that the Liberal Party should do better for women and gender equality.
“We need to make sure we bring back a lot more of these professionals and especially Australian women,” Mr Birmingham said.
Treasurer Josh Friedenberg also reflected on the defeat of his party and his likely defeat in Kuyong by independent candidate Monique Ryan.
“I am extremely proud of what I have been able to achieve as a member of Kuyong, both locally and as deputy leader of the Liberal Party and, more recently, as treasurer of our great country,” Mr Friedenberg said. alphabet.
“Australia faces significant challenges, both in economic and national security. I wish my colleagues on both sides of the political path all the best in addressing these issues.

“I have always viewed politics in a Mensian way, as a battle of ideas, not a clash of warriors, and I am proud of the friendship I have managed to forge not only on my side of the political path, but on both sides. from the political aisle, and I thank these colleagues for sending very good messages last night. “


Mr Friedenberg did not accuse the outgoing Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, of losing the election, and said he had shown “extraordinary leadership in extraordinary times”.
Former Liberal Party candidate Julie Bishop sat on the Ninth Channel election committee and called the change of government a failure of both major parties rather than a Labor victory because of the low number of primaries.
But she also said the coalition’s image towards women played a role in its downfall.
“The women did not see a reflection of their concerns and interests in the party led by Scott Morrison in coalition with Barnaby Joyce,” Ms Bishop said.

“At the moment we are not mentioning the influence of Grace Thame and Brittany Higgins, they changed the story when they exposed the ugly side of the workplace in Canberra. It resonated with women. “

Independent Allegra Spender, who probably took a seat in Sydney’s Wentworth under Dave Sharma of the Liberals, has said she will advocate for the environment and business in parliament.
“We are talking about bringing the country closer, with business, with the community, with the environment and moving forward together,” she said.
“The country wants to have a political class that is responsible.”
The independents who participated in this year’s elections were mostly women.
“It shows that you can no longer ignore women,” Ms. Spender said.

Former moderate Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who has received criticism from his own party for discussing the benefits of growing independent candidates in this election, has not yet commented on the Liberal’s loss.

Advocacy groups welcome climate change, social and gender inequality

Greenpeace environmental activists hailed Labor’s victory over the Liberals, saying “climate dinosaurs” are now “extinct.”
“We don’t usually celebrate any extinction, but we’re excited to see an end to climate dinosaur policies regarding climate change,” said Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO David Ritter.
“Coalition governments have handed over billions to the coal and gas industries, while Australians are battling floods, fires and droughts, and our Pacific neighbors are facing existential climate threats.

“History doesn’t remember them well.”

Anglicare, a non-governmental organization that helps provide housing to Australians who are in distress, including children, welcomed the Albanian government.
“We support the new government’s focus on income and living costs, which sees a record number of Australians doing it hard,” said Anglicare Australia CEO Casey Chambers.
“People who do not work have the lowest incomes of all, and we hope to work with new Centrelink government payments to keep them up to date with the cost of living.
“We need measures to eliminate the huge deficit of social and affordable housing.
“We look forward to working with the new government and the new bench on each of these fronts.”
The LGBTQ + national group, Equality Australia, responded to this weekend’s election by saying it was clear that voters across the country had rejected the “separation policy”.

“In this election campaign, some have tried to divide the community, using the lives of one of the most marginalized groups in the country in a cynical attempt to win votes,” said Equality Australia CEO Anna Brown.

“Politicians and commentators are spreading ignorant and alarmed views on trans people, especially trans women and children, in an effort to undermine their ability to participate equally in our society and bring back the hard-won achievements of the LGBTQ + community.
“But tonight’s outcome – especially in the Waring – is a stunning rebuke to the politics of separation and further proof that the vast majority of the Australian community believes that each of us, no matter who we are, who we love, deserves to be treated with with dignity and respect ”.

Mr Albanese and Ms Wong will travel to Japan on Monday to meet with US President Joe Biden at the Quad summit.


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