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More than a quarter of Australians feel overwhelmed and burnt out at work


The latest Lifeworks Mental Health Index shows that one in four Australians experiences burnout, leading to a lack of motivation and concentration, as well as an inability to disconnect from work during non-working hours.

Senior vice president and head of the Asia-Pacific region Jamie McLennan said that while many Australians benefited from being able to work remotely during a pandemic, working from home had a downside.

“High levels of stress, burnout or exhaustion are of concern to individuals and organizations. It will be difficult to establish clear boundaries between professional and personal life within the framework of new work models, including hybrid arrangements. But these boundaries are very important for the well-being of employees, and employers are responsible for implementing the necessary policies, tools and resources to make this possible. ”

Motivation and burnout at work

Thirty-seven percent of Australians said they were finding it increasingly difficult to be motivated to do their job. In this group, the mental health rate is -26.1, which is more than 14 points below the national average. In particular, young employees feel exhausted: half of those under the age of 40 say they are mentally and physically exhausted by the end of the working day.

Of the 26 per cent of Australians who cannot disconnect after normal business hours, 29 per cent report that this is due to the fact that their manager continues to contact them.

World leader and senior vice president of research and general welfare Paul Allen said it was important to establish clear communication about what is expected of employees who work from home.

“While establishing and maintaining work boundaries can be as challenging as setting personal boundaries, employees and employers need to prefer these to ensure long-term success,” Allen said.

“Bilateral dialogue is needed to ensure that any stigma associated with work boundaries has been promptly addressed and employees have the support and resources needed to get out of work – physically and mentally – at the end of each day.”

The full report of the Australian LifeWorks Mental Health Index ™ can be found here.

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