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Morning mail: deployment of vaccine for the elderly “too slow”, the rating of the Prime Minister is growing, found a massive black hole |


Mr.good morning Only 50% of Australians eligible for nursing care have received a fourth dose of the Covid vaccine when death is on the rise. Anthony Albanese’s net approval rating rose by 40 points after Labor’s victory last month, while inflation is expected to reach 7%. A drastic 11-hour intervention by the European Court of Human Rights has hit the UK government’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Just over half of Australians eligible for nursing care have received a fourth dose of the Covid vaccine. which prompted Federal Health Minister Mark Butler to warn that the winter deployment “was too slow”. According to the Ministry of Health about 63,515 elderly residents received the fourth vaccination – 51.3% of the eligible population. It comes as the latest data from the Department of Health shows that mortality associated with Covid continues to grow at a significant rate.

Reserve Bank chief Philip Lowe has warned Australians to be prepared for higher interest rates, they say inflation likely to reach 7% by the end of the year and this needs to be brought under control. On Tuesday night, Lowe said he predicts inflation rising to 7%. Compared to current inflation of 5.1%.

Anthony Albanese is experiencing a post-election increase that has not been seen since the election of Kevin Rad in 2007, the prime minister’s net approval rating rose by 40 points after Labor’s victory last month. The the first Guardian Essential poll Since the May 21 election, 59% of voters approve of Albanese’s job as prime minister, including 19% “strongly approve”, compared to only 18% who do not. In the final pre-election poll, only 42% of voters approved of Albanese’s speech.

European Court of Human Rights intervenes sharply 11-hour intervention in controversial British government plans office send asylum seekers to Rwanda this could lead to an inaugural flight to the East African country. The lawyers of one of the asylum seekers who have to fly, filed a successful emergency application to the ECHR after exhausting applications to the UK courts. The decision is a blow to Boris Johnson’s flagship policy of sending asylum seekers 4,000 miles to the East African country.


The color image from the SkyMapper Southern Sky Survey shows a growing black hole as a bright blue source. Photo: Christopher A Onken / ANU

Astronomers believe they have discovered a black hole that has been growing rapidly for the past 9 billion years. Supermassive a black hole consumes the equivalent of one Earth every second and has a mass of 3 billion suns, according to their estimates. Lead researcher Dr Christopher Onken of the Australian National University said the supermassive black hole was “more or less halfway across the universe”.

Labor’s victory in the election was facilitated by Australia’s rejection of the ghost of another three years of Scott Morrisonaccording to the man responsible for the party’s victory strategy.

Bunnings, Kmart and The Good Guys use face recognition technology y a request for violence about shoplifting, according to a Choice study.

Most Australians believe that journalists should not express their personal opinions on social media and only 15% of respondents say they follow specific journalists, according to the latest report on digital news.

The world

Joe Biden waves his hand as he boards Air Force One at Air Force Base Andrews in Maryland on June 14th.
Joe Biden waves his hand as he boards Air Force One at Air Force Base Andrews in Maryland on June 14th. Photo: Gemunu Amarasinghe / AP

Joe Biden will visit Israel, the occupied West Bank and Saudi Arabia next month, announced the White House. Ad immediately put the administration in defensegiven the president’s previous position that the Saudi regime was a “pariah” because of the assassination of Jamal Hashoghi and other human rights abuses.

People infected with Covid during the first wave of the pandemic do not receive a stimulated immune response if they then catch Omicron, a study of three vaccinated people reports.

Beijing authorities have warned that the sharp rise in Covid-19 cases involving the 24-hour bar has been critical, and the city of 22 million people has been in a “race against time” to sort out his own the most serious outbreak since the beginning of the pandemic.

Brazil’s ambassador to Britain apologizes to Phillips family for telling them his wrong the body was found in the Amazon along with his missing travel partner Bruno Pereira.

The World Food Program has said it is suspending food aid to 1.7 million people people in South Sudan as the war in Ukraine drains finances from the crisis-hit country and leads to higher prices for basic products.

Shirin Abu Aqle’s deadly shooting in May raises new concerns over military inquiries to the death of the Palestinians.

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“I’m afraid of the day my child will ask for what her friends had that I couldn’t give.” Photo: Maria Tejeira / Getty Images / OJO Images

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Beforeigners is a Nordic noir that goes beyond the police procedure and into the unexpected. This stylish TV show, broadcast on SBS on request, deftly establishes his amazing premise in minutes: when teenagers play near the harbor of Oslo, the water surface is suddenly broken by people who seem to have appeared out of nowhere, wandering in the sea and speaking the Old Norse language. They have no idea where they are or why they are there. They are “foreigners”, thousands of people of prehistoric times, Vikings and Victorians, who inexplicably got into the modern world.


On Friday, the Nadesalingham family returned to their hometown of Bilela in central Queensland more than four years in immigration detention. During this time, the Tamil family has become the face of Australia’s harsh asylum policy. A reporter from Queensland, Eden Gillespie, documents the family’s return home, and Priya Nadesalingam talks about life after the detention.

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Australia celebrates victory over Peru in the 2022 World Cup play-off match in Doha.
Australia celebrates victory over Peru in the 2022 World Cup play-off match in Doha. Photo: Joe Allison / Getty Images

It is planned to replace goalkeeper Andrew Redman in the event of a penalty shootout in the World Cup qualifier against Peru went on the table for weeks, but remained so secret that even Captain Matt Ryan didn’t know about it.

In our weekly lifestyle interview about celebrities and their favorite objects, TV presenter and former AFL player Tony Armstrong tells us about his childhood as a drummerand his favorite place in the world: the couch.

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Parents who send their preschoolers to long kindergartens will be for the first time receive subsidies from the NSW governmentwith reduced pay for children aged four and five applies to private centers, according to Sydney Morning Herald reports. Genetic studies have found a direct link between dementia and vitamin D deficiency. Australian reports the world’s first study from the University of South Australia, which examined the link between vitamin D, neuroimaging features and the risk of dementia and stroke. It was found low vitamin D levels have been linked to smaller brain volumes and an increased risk of dementia and stroke.

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